The Logan's Run TV Annual

A year after the "Logan's Run" TV series had aired in the states, the Brown Watson publishing firm from the UK printed and released the hardbound collectable, "Logan's Run Annual", a collection of original stories, comics, interviews, games and photos, all relating to the beloved, cult favorite television series.

The book begins with a blue and black comic called "Logan's Run/Logan's World", which basically sums up the important parts of the Logan's Run pilot episode in THREE quick pages!! Two more Logan comics appear in the book, one fully colored entitled "Sunrise....Moonset" (about Samurai swordsmen) and the other - a terrifying tale called "City of the Nighthawks" (about an entire city of blood thirsty, hungry --- CANNIBALS!! -- drawn in green and black ink.)

The Annual also includes several original stories involving Logan, Jessica and Rem. The first story is called "All in the Mind". Logan, Rem and Jessica stumble upon a young girl picking berries in the fields. She talks telepathically to the trio and states that they must follow her to meet the "Master". As Logan, Jessica and Rem are led to the Master, they notice the entire place is populated by women - there are no males. The trio soon realize that the Master (who is male) uses mind control to control the women and orders one of them to kill Logan and Rem.

Another story is called "Reawakening" which finds the trio with car trouble after a small earthquake. While Rem is left to fix the Solarcraft, Logan and Jessica find the entrance to an underground museum run by an old Caretaker. He mistakes Logan and Jessica for astronaunts that were sent into space before the wars, and who have now come back to repopulate the Earth. Wow!! Unfortunately, Francis soon shows up and things go from bad to worse!!

In the final story "Depths of Teror", Logan, Jessica and Rem discover a cave built into the side of a mountain. Not wanting to drive back to find another way around the mountain, the three decide that a little exploring is in order. As they venture further into the cave, they happen upon a pit and suddenly realize that this is not a cave at all, but a large, man-made trap to capture food for someone's monsterous pets!

For fun, the Annual includes two fairly simple puzzle mazes, one to escape from the City of Domes and the other to find your way to Sanctuary - as well as a very elementary Picture Puzzle game. Also, in the center of the book, there is a Logan's Run board game where you start out at the City of Domes and try to escape to Sanctuary. The object of the game is to get to Sanctuary without losing the ten points you start with. by running into Sandmen.

The rest of the Annual is made up of pictures from the TV series, as well as a few other articles about Gregory Harrison (Logan), Heather Menzies (Jessica), and Donald Moffat (Rem). Still other articles include "Logan's Forerunners" (about earlier television SciFi shows, such as Star Trek, Dr. Who and Planet of the Apes), "Rem and the Robots" (basically noting the differences between robots and cyborgs) and "Space Age Travel" (with pictures that show off the Logan "Solarcraft" - inside and out).

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