Welcome to Arcade

The Playland of the 23rd Century

The best thing about living in the 23rd Century is the elimination of work! While we do employ a few of our special talented citizens for popular needed services (i.e. Doc and Holly13 at the Dome-famous New You #483 ), the vast majority of our citizens live only for pleasure!

Arcade is the Playhouse of the 23rd Century!

Special thanks to Ken K for the use of his spinning Arcade hand.

Hidden within Arcade are two of the Domes' special secret treasures, Hallucimill and our fabulous Re-Live Parlors!

Our Hallucimill shop in the newly constructed Roeburt section of Arcade is one of the largest hallucimill's in the City of Domes.

It may not look like it here, but this baby houses up to 25 exciting rooms of sheer Crazy Lift fun! Be sure to walk though our lobby that showcases the mysterious pulsating yellow spheres. Just what is their purpose?

Hell if we know, we're just having a great lift!

Let our trained staff of professionals administer our non-addictive toxins into your system, as you prepare for the Lift of Your Life tm .

Free samples of Lysergic Foam (LF) 'synthetic bliss' still available at our Roeburt facility.

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Afterwards, stop on by our Re-Live Parlors, where you can strap in and 'relive' that wonderful experience you had as a yellow over and over again!

Our robots at Re-Live professionally guide you through your most special past experiences with the utmost care and guidance while you lay in complete comfort. Our patented Life Drawers take you on the most comfortable and safe journey into your own mind. Catapult yourself from one time experience to another, quickly and easily. You can effortlessly switch years as desired!

This week's special trip : Back to the Autogoverness .

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