Bluewater Publishing's 'Logan's Run - Last Day' Comic Series

This latest Logan's Run comic book series is to be released on February 17, 2010 by Bluewater Publishing (Issue #1).

"Logan's Run - Last Day" is slated to run for 24 issues (FOUR story sections of SIX issues each) and follows the Logan's Run storyline from the original novels. Writing the comics will be screenwriter Paul J. Salamoff (with story input from William F Nolan and Jason Brock) and internal art by Daniel Gete.

Issue #1 will feature one of four different beautifully drawn covers. Each subsequent issue will feature one of two different covers.


The series begins with Logan 6 and Francis 7 chasing a runner on last day through Arcade. Even though Logan and Francis are well equipped to handle such things (yes - their guns hold all six deadly rounds of Sandmen ammo as mentioned in the original novel), this runner has a surprise up his sleeve! It is this new addition to the scene that highlights the need for the new outfits the DS Operatives now wear. With new stronger body armor and a great looking 'skull' helmet, the Sandmen now look much more menacing than in any previous comic editions. Also, the runners in this new series are more aggressive than in previous comics. All this the reader discovers within the first few pages of the comic! It is because of these nice, new surprises that will make this Logan's Run comic series something special to look forward to month after month.

The premiere issue then takes the reader on a frightening journey of Logan's past; from his birth and upbringing in nursery, through his education and training in becoming a top DS Operative. It is near the end of the issue that we hear of a man named Ballard and are soon introduced to a Red-6 female runner and her quest to Sanctuary.


'Logan's Run - Last Day, Issue #1' is a great read!

The artwork is colorful with easy pastel inks that become sepia toned during the flashback scenes. The series' art portrays the characters of Logan's Run much more human than in any previous Logan's Run comic iteration. Marvel Comics presented Logan more as a Superhero than as a real person. Malibu presented him more as a black and white 'elfish' character, a horrible choice that upset William F Nolan and many Logan's Run fans. However, William F. Nolan has assisted in approving the many character designs in this comic series, including the new Sandmen outfits as noted above. This series seems to capture Bill's original ideas much better in terms of story and overall art than in any previous Logan comics. Myself, I cannot wait to see what they come up with for New You #483 and of course, Hell (i.e. Box's lair)!

Storywise, Issue #1 moves! What made the original novel so endearing to fans was it's hectic, frenetic pace. There is never a dull moment in William F Nolan and George Clayton Johnson's brilliant novel; hardly any point where Logan and Jessica could take a few moments to rest. Writer Paul Salamoff and artist Daniel Gete wonderfully recreate this feeling in the new comics. The writing is right to the point and never over-worded. The art work is drawn beautifully and is not overly busy with more detail than the reader needs.

All in all, Issue #1 is a wonderful addition to the world of Logan's Run collectibles. I am eagerly looking forward to future releases of this series and cannot wait to see what the writers and artists at Bluewater come up with as the story progresses.

Logan finally runs again!

4.5 out of 5 stars!

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