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William F. Nolan recently completed his latest Logan story, "Logan's Return" which was released for online download July 25, 2000 from Click here for updated ordering details and an exclusive preview of the first chapter!

This section of our site will deal with the fantastic book version of Logan's Run , as written by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson!

New Update! The Logan Trilogy as Millennium Special Edition trade paperbacks by the Virtual Publishing Group are currently available for ordering. Ordering information and links can be found at our Logan's Run Mall page.

As with most books, Logan's Run is so much more entertaining than the movie! The character of Logan is a much more developed character! And until the very end of the book, you never know what his true intensions are. The reader is never sure if he really wants to destroy Sanctuary, or if he will finally realize that all human life is truly worth running for! This internal conflict within Logan was never shown in the movie, or if it was - it wasn't conveyed well. This is why the book is so much fun to read! It truly is an essential read to anyone who has seen and enjoyed the film and wants more! Also, for anyone just needing a terrific fast-paced SciFi book to read!

There was even a rare audio book released back in 1989 that featured William F. Nolan reading his book on tape! It was released by Dove Books and featured a great rendition of "Logan's Run" read by the author himself!! (Thanks, Joe)

Before clicking on a Logan's Run book below for a summary, remember that the movie and the book are very different, although similar at the same time. Do not confuse the two. Each tells an overall different story, so if you liked the film, read the book - and vice versa. If you haven't seen the film or read the book, start with the book!


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