The Mysterious Ice Caverns

It is said that at the outskirts of the Domes, there is a vast network of Ice Caves wherein roams a devilish creature (not machine, nor man, but a perfect fusion of the two and better than either!) His name :


Overwhelming, isn't he?

But just who is this being who calls himself Box? This may be the most perplexing question of the 23rd Century.

We will try to make sense of this creature below.

All About Box....

Box seems to be programmed to serve as a Food Storage android, but not through the computer that runs the Domes. The two electronic beings do not know each other exists (otherwise the computer would have known what happened to the unaccounted runners, silly)!

Box's main job function appears to be that as a Freezer. His world is completely made of ice and his only equipment is a Freeze Gun and some Ice Scupting tools, possibly to pacify the human part of him, for this person may have been an accomplished scupltor before being mechanically merged with steel and processors..

Box showing off his tools!

He often repeats his main food objectives: "Fish, and plankton, and sea greens, and protein from the sea. It's all here. Ready! Fresh as harvest day!"

In the past, he was in charge of freezing food. But for reasons unexplained, the food stopped coming; most likely due to some kind of apocolyptic, cataclysmic event outside. Box's creators may be gone, but Box just kept right on going and going and going, following his original programming with no one left to tell him to stop.

He does realize though that the food has stopped coming, and possibly this may have caused him to pick up his hobby of Ice Sculpting, with nothing else left for him to do to occupy his free, eternal time.

But then suddenly, more food starts coming in the form of beings who call themselves 'runners'! So Box kicks it in to high gear and starts up his Freezing process again! All is well in Box's world again!!

All well, that is, until a certain Sandman shows up!

Well, there you have our take on Box. We hope this provides some insight into this mysterious creature, just in case you happen to wander, unknowingly, into his hellish world.

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