The Box Sculpture Scene 1

LOGAN We were sent here and you know it. Others have been sent here. Where are they? Hiding? Box looks around the cavern:

BOX (mischievously) Hiding? Yes! Hiding, hiding.

LOGAN Where do we go?! (up a notch) Where do we go from here??!! We hear a NOISE outside.

BOX Is that the wind? (smiling) Not yet... (slightest beat) You must hear my birds sing.

LOGAN You know about Sanctuary! I know you do! You have to help us! You don't have a choice! It isn't your decision!! Tell us.

BOX Never a pair. I have never had a pair.

LOGAN Where do you send them?

BOX You're a beautiful pair.


BOX I've never seen humans whom I thought worthy of being here... (a beat) I'd like to sculpt you. (looking around) Where would I put you? (smiling) I'd be the base of the column. You'd hold up my world!

LOGAN (exasperated) Answer the question!

BOX Do you know how long all this will last? Not thirty years...or thirty thousand years...but thirty thousand thousand years...and you'll be part of it. Ages will roll...Ages. And you'll be here...the two of you... eternally frozen...frozen...beautiful.

LOGAN (to Jessica) There must be somebody else up here. I can't believe that he's--

BOX (interrupting; his voice tone changing; very lucid) Let me sculpt you and I will show you where the others have gone.

LOGAN That's better. (slightest beat) How do you want us?

BOX Nude. Imagine, a pair.

LOGAN (starting to take off his clothes; as Jessica hesitates, Logan smiles) It'll be all right...

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