The Box Sculpture Scene 2

240-241 JESSICA Undresses.

LOGAN How do you want us?

BOX (beat) Up there.

Box motions to a pedestal covered with deep white furs. Logan helps Jessica up to the pedestal. As they stand there: Logan looks at Jessica. Her beauty is glowing in the lamplight. Logan takes Jessica into his arms.

BOX Enchanting. Is that what humans do?

By this time, Logan and Jessica are no longer listening to Box...their arms are enveloping one another...with strong feelings.


242 ANOTHER ANGLE - INCLUDING BOX As his metal hand begins to BUZZ...he brings it to the base of the huge column supporting the cavern.As he works Incredible speed:

243 LOGAN AND JESSICA...oblivious to Box...their feelings intensifying as they continue to hold one another.

JESSICA (to Logan) Why did you want to send me back? Was it because you were going to return to the city all along?

LOGAN That was the plan. I've been ordered to find out where the runners have gone to.... locate this Sanctuary and destroy it. That's why I brought the Sandmen that killed your friends. Jessica..... Jessica.... you do know that it was my fault that killed them?

JESSICA Yes (sadly)..... and now you're one of us, aren't you?

LOGAN Yes.... I think so. I don't know what I think. But I do know what I feel. I wanna be free. And I find I.... I need YOU.

244-245 OUT

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