The Box Sculpture Scene 3


BOX (stepping back) Done...behold...!

247 REVERSE ANGLE - LOGAN AND JESSICA Before they turn to view the sculpture they kiss long and passionately.

Their mood is broken by:

BOX'S VOICE Done...Done...Done...

Logan and Jessica break. They turn and see:

248 FULL ANGLE - THE ICE SCULPTURE Box has captured them perfectly...shimmering with life...filled with emotion.

249 WIDE ANGLE - INCLUDING LOGAN, JESSICA AND BOX There are tears in Jessica's eyes as she reacts to the sculpture.

JESSICA (holding onto Logan's hand) It's glorious

Logan helps Jessica off the pedestal and they both start to dress.

LOGAN All right. Now you keep your bargain.

BOX (rapt by his work) Wait for the wind! Wait and hear the birds sing over you!

LOGAN (only interested in getting out) We're ready.

Box mumbles as he leads Logan and Jessica toward the rear of the IceCavern. (original footage starts again here with Box showing Logan and Jessica the frozen runners he's kept in storage.)

End Scene

Before returning to the Domes, be sure to play the exciting new game, Find the Ice Sculpture!

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