Box - The Movie (1977)

Back in late 1976 and early 1977, a fan-based "Logan's Run" prequel was filmed in and around the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area by a young up-and-coming author, screenwriter and movie director named Paul McComas. Paul had seen the classic MGM film six times during the summer of 1976. This inspired him to film three of his very own "Logan's Run" movies shortly thereafter.

Paul shot his three short films on a 'shoe-string' budget (all that a 14-year-old's allowance could afford) using his Minolta regular-8 movie camera. Casting his friends in the roles of Sandmen and Runners, and using some very creative film techniques, (ie stop-motion and special tracking effects) Paul's films are a terrific addition to share with the Logan internet fan-base community!

Paul shot three Logan's Run films in all: "The Domed City", "Logan's Quest" and "Box". It was just recently that Paul went back to re-edit these three films into ONE complete film (running time at about 15 minutes) that combines the best elements from each movie. Starting with what he considered the best film of the three to work a larger story around, Paul enhanced "Box" by editing in pieces from his other two Logan films. Just as recently as the summer of 2005, Paul, working in collaboration with indie producer Brian Cox (Two Worlds Productions), added sound to the film... (both dialogue, as well as musical cues from Jerry Goldsmith's terrific score). The result makes for a highly enjoyable viewing experience!

"Box" takes place years before the events that occur in the 1976 film "Logan's Run". Logan 1 and Francis 3 create the being known as Box and program him to freeze the fish, plankton, seagreens and protein from the sea. He stores the food for the City's citizens, keeping it all fresh - as harvest day!

As Logan and Francis return to the City of Domes to hunt more runners (or as in Logan's case - help some escape), Box picks up a slight flutter and begins to have a serious mechanical breakdown! Now, Box regards EVERYTHING as fish and plankton and seagreens and protein from the sea, and it's his job - to freeze it all!!

Can Francis 3 and Logan 1 stop Box before he turns everyone into a 23rd Century popsickle? Or are they all doomed to an icy fate, even before they all turn 30??!!

Paul (who portrays both Box and Francis in the film) uses some very creative filming techniques to give his film a genuine movie feel. His clever use of stop-motion animation brings his miniature characters to life, creates the blinking lifeclock effects and adds moving text to the Computer viewscreen. To film the various tracking shots of the City, Paul films while being wheeled around his City model on a chair with rollers! Box's motion sound effects are that of an electric razor! And the movements through the mazecar tunnels is actually Paul filming inside a fancy glass elevator at the local mall, looking straight up.

Paul is also a big fan of "Planet of the Apes" and has filmed four fan-based movies on that series of films, as well. Today, he is an accomplished writer, having already authored three books: "Twenty Questions" , "First Person Imperfect" and his most powerful and critically praised novel, "Unplugged" , all of which are currently available on Paul is currently working on his next novel, "Planet of the Dates" and hopes to have it released before 2007. Incidentally, the Foreword for Paul's upcoming "Planet..." book has been written by William F. Nolan.

Paul has written the Foreword for William F. Nolan's most recent short-story collection, "Ships in the Night" , also available for ordering at He also has tentative plans with Bill to co-author a new sci-fi novel in the not-too-distant future! Stay tuned........

For additional information on how you can order your VERY OWN copy of Paul McComas' thrilling movie "Box" on DVD for a nominal fee, please contact him directly via email at . A portion of the proceeds will go to one of Paul's favorite charities (in this case, blood donating services). In the past, Paul has raised money for rape-crisis centers through the sales of his original music CD he sold with his book, "Unplugged".

For more information on all of Paul's published works, please visit his website at .

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