Welcome to Carrousel

Last day.... Capricorn 15's..... Year of the city.... 2274.... Carrousel begins....

Carrousel was developed as a means for Body Retirement. When a person reaches their 30th Birthday, their face begins to show signs of 'aging'. They may notice some wrinkles under their eyes, they may notice that their eyesight is not as good as it once was. Also, they may begin to develop white hairs on the head, or worse -- loss of hair (known as 'balding').

This is your body telling you that it's time to transfer yourself into a new, fresh body - a baby's body. A body that will take you through another 30 years.

Baby bodies are provided through 'seed mothering' - from the female citizens of our society. After being delivered, these babies are taken in by our nuturing Mother Computer and are then given the 'souls' of those Last Dayer's who were able to reach Life Renewal on Carrousel.

Last Day?

When your lifeclock in the palm of your left hand begins to blink, your time is up in your present body. Upon blinking, proceed to our Headquartes on Nolan Street, 7th Floor, Room 1976.

There, you will be given proper ceremonial garb and final instructions for participating in Life-Renewal on Carrousel.

Remember, the higher you are able to 'fly' while the Carrousel turns, the greater your Renewal chances. Don't let the fear of knowing that your old body will explode into a fiery pulp as you try to reach these heights hinder your efforts, or you may not make it to the Renewal Stage.

Carrousel is meant to be an enjoyable, life-renewable experience. As you're out there standing with your fellow 'Renewer's', and with all your friends watching and shouting from the stands, by keeping a positive outlook on the process...


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