Logan's Run - Cast of Characters

The cast of Logan's Run is made up by a mixture of familiar, veteran stars, some of whom were just getting started back in 1976. Both American and British actors make up the cast, possibly having something to do with America's Bicentennial that year. Whatever the reason, the casting is wonderful! Click on a thumbnail to check out each of their stories.

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Additional Cast Members

Michael York as Logan5

"There is no Sanctuary..."

Michael York stars as Logan5, a 26-year-old Sandman. Logan and his partner, Francis7, are two of the most highly honored and respected Sandmen in the City of Domes. They both enjoy terminating runners and entertaining 23rd Century women. But Logan suddenly gets handed a special assignment from the Computer that runs the City of Domes. He learns from Computer that there are 1056 unaccounted runners who have escaped death. But, he also discovers that no one has ever been renewed at Carousel. He now knows that his entire life has been a lie! He is now assigned to become a runner seeking Sanctuary and to destroy it. With the help from a beautiful but cautious runner, Jessica6, Logan begins his life or death 'run' for Sanctuary, all the while being hunted by his former friend and partner, Francis7.

Michael York has starred in a number of different roles throughout his vast movie career. A seasoned English actor, he has appeared in such films as The Three Musketeers series (1973/74/89), but most recently the films 54 (1998), Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery (1997) and Wrongfully Accused (1998). He has also recorded Audio Books on tape - most notably, Anne Rice's "The Vampire Lestat."

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Jenny Agutter as Jessica6

"I never heard of a Sandman running! Ever!"

Jenny Agutter stars as the beautiful Jessica6, a mysterious woman Logan first picks-up on The Circuit for a quick 'romp'. She quickly turns down his sexual advances upon finding out he's a Sandman, since she's actually a future, secret runner who wants nothing to do with him. Later, Logan believes that this woman does know something about Sanctuary, and continues to see her, despite her continued refusals. Soon, a trust is formed and the two fugitives begin their search for the truth.

Jenny Agutter has starred in a variety of films both here in America and her native Britian. Amoung her most memorable films, An American Werewolf in London (1981), Walkabout (1971), Amy (1981), Darkman (1990), and The Railway Children (1970). She co-starred with Micahel York again in the TV film "September" (1996).

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Richard Jordan as Francis7

"You are terminated, Runner!"

Richard Jordan stars as the cold, relentless Francis7. When he discovers that Logan has decided to run, Francis' new, personal mission is to track down and kill his former friend and partner. Not understanding Logan's true intentions, his search for Logan and the girl leads him from his familiar and comfortable world inside the domes, to the unknown world outside. He will stop at nothing to see that Logan and Jessica are both destroyed!

The late Richard Jordan has appeared in a variety of succesful movies such as The Secret of My Success (1987), The Hunt for Red October (1990), Dune (1984) and his last film, Gettysburg (1993). Richard won the 1977 Golden Globe award as Best TV Dramatic Actor for his work on the TV mini-series "Captains and the Kings". Sadly, he died of a brain tumor on August 30, 1993. You are greatly missed, Richard...

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Farrah Fawcett-Majors as Holly13

"I like dark hair. Tell him to give you dark hair."

Farrah Fawcett-Majors plays Holly13, the sexy receptionist at New You #483, a sort of hi-tech plastic surgery shop within the City of Domes. Holly greets Doc's patients as they arrive for their instant make-overs and leads them to machines where they can preview their new future looks. Holly may not be the brightest person in the City of Domes, but she certainly has the right 'physical' traits to make her the most popular! You'll be in excellent hands with her. Believe me.

Now known simply as Farrah Fawcett, she has appeared in a wide variety of roles over the years. In print, in movies, television shows, etc., she was the original 'Supermodel' back in the mid 1970's. Amoung her most memorable accomplishments: Charlies Angles (1976), Saturn 3 (1980), The Burning Bed (1984) and Extremities (1986), in which she was nominated for a Golden Globe in the Best Actress Drama category. Sadly, Farrah passed away on June 25, 2009 after losing her long fight with cancer.

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Peter Ustinov as The Old Man

"I'm as old as I am, I suppose."

Peter Ustinov appears as The Old Man, the only living human outside the City of Domes. He is a kind and gentle man who has made a home for himself (and his many cats) within the U.S. Capitol Building of a desolate Washington D.C. Not having seen any other people in his world for quite some time, he is amazed in meeting Logan and Jessica when they stumble into his home. And, of course, Logan and Jessica are equally shocked when meeting him, since they have never seen such an old man before.

Peter Ustinov may be best remembered as playing Hercule Poirot in Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile (1978) and Evil Under the Sun (1982), amoung numerous other Agatha mystery movies. He also appeared in Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus (in which he won one of his two Oscars) and in the successful Lorenzo's Oil (1992) with Susan Sarandon and Nick Nolte. An accomplished actor, writer, director, and producer, he departed this world on March 28, 2004.

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Roscoe Lee Browne as Box

"I'm more than machine, or man. More than a fusion of the two. Don't you agree?"

Roscoe Lee Browne stars as the 'overwhelming' robot, Box. He rules the Ice Caves just outside the City of Domes. Once human, he was fused with circuits and processors and became a servant droid for a people who have long since been forgotten. He's programmed to freeze and store a variety of foods (fish, plankton, sea greens and protein from the sea) and passes the time away by sculpting animals out of ice. When Logan and Jessica enter his world, they soon begin to realize the truth about Sanctuary and the missing runners.

Known mostly for his voice-over work, Roscoe Lee Browne has appeared in numerous movies, such as Jumpin' Jack Flash (1986), Moon 44 (1989), The Mambo Kings (1994), and was the narrator for the award-winning talking pig movie, Babe (1995). Sadly, Roscoe passed away at age 81 on April 11, 2007 after a long battle with cancer.

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Michael Anderson, Jr. as Doc

"Pay attention, Sandman. I'm proud of this machine..."

Michael Anderson, Jr. plays Doc, body reconstructionist from New You #483. Besides making citizens of the City look more attractive, Doc has secretly been helping Runners escape the Sandmen by giving them new looks on Last Day. Using the Aesculaptor Mark III laser machine, he gives them new faces and bodies so that they aren't easily recognizable to their Sandmen pursuers. Logan's quest for Sanctuary leads him to Doc, but it seems Doc has no intention of letting a Sandman get past this little secret!

Michael Anderson, Jr. is actually the son of Logan's Run director Michael Anderson. He has mostly appeared in TV movies such as "The Million Dollar Face" (1981), but most recently in "Undue Influence" (1996) and the Original Showtime Movie "Elvis Meets Nixon" (1997).

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Additional Logan's Run Cast Members

Lara Lindsay --------------------Female Runner/Voice of Computer (Uncredited)
Randolph Roberts -------------------------------------------------- 2nd Sanctuary Man
Gary Morgan ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Billy
Michelle Stacy ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Mary2
Laura Hippe ------------------------------------------------------------ Woman Customer
David Westberg ------------------------------------------------------------------- Sandman
Camilla Carr ------------------------------------------------------------ Sanctuary Woman
Greg Lewis -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cub
Ashley Cox ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Timid Girl
Bill Couch ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Sandman
Glen Wilder --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Runner

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