Entering Cathedral

"Sandman, Sandman, leave my door. Don't come back here, anymore."

Welcome to Cathedral.

The unkept part of the dome.

Shortly after being invaded by 'cubs', Cathedral began to die. It's an area of burned-out buildings, of decay and ruin, of shadow and pollution. Cubscout territory .

The cubs are a savage race of children, Yellows and Greens, who have claimed Cathedral as their home. They eat whatever they can catch, and kill whoever crosses their path.

They gain strength by using 'muscle', a powerful drug that sweeps through their young bodies and amplifies their strength and agility, twentyfold. For energetic children can handle this extra 'rush' of power. But, to a Red adult-already matured, it means certain death, if inhaled. Their body would literally shake to pieces!

Their leader, Charming Billy, is extremely dangerous and very powerful while under the influence of 'muscle.' Along with his fellow cubs, he has killed many a Citizen, a Runner, and a Sandman.

No one is safe upon entering Cathedral!

Mother Computer has decided to close off Cathedral, so as not to let the cubs escape, and to further protect the citizens of our society who may wander unknowingly into this hell.

You have been warned...

Mary-Mary never goes upstairs! Nor should you!!!

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