Custom Logan's Run Lifeclocks

Chuck has sent us some great looking Lifeclocks from his own custom molds.

The mold he uses is made of RTV rubber and the master is actually a decorative mirror mount that he has slightly modified. The plastic is clear casting resin. It cures in about 24 to 36 hours. He has made a few sets so far and make them just like the originals (meaning cast pour dry and back with chrome silver tape).

Katarra Creations also makes a set of Logan's Run Lifeclocks. These are sold in a set of six and includes the rare BLUE lifeclock that was part of the book - not included in the movie.

Katarra's internet store is located at Katarra Creations . She even makes tons of other SciFi collectable props and costumes, including the Sandman outfit and the DS gun!!

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