Logan's Run - The Comics

Logan's Run has appeared in many different Comic Book formats over the years.

Marvel Comics won the rights to do the Movie Adaptation back in 1976-77. The British magazine "Look In" got the TV Series rights. Adventure Comics (part of Malibu Graphics) got the rights to convert all three Logan Books (Logan's Run, Logan's World, Logan's Search) into comic book form in the early 90's, although they stopped after the completed Logan's World and never started on Logan's Search.

Below are some pics and some info on each Comic series.

**The Marvel Comics' Movie Adaptation**

Marvel Comics released a seven run Comic series based on the movie Logan's Run. Issues #1 - #5 covered the movie (including the Francis Cut Hunt Scene from the beginning of the film, and the Box Cut Ice Sculpture Scene.) Interestingly enough, the Love Shop Scene was completely cut from these comics!

The artist for this series was the well-known and talented George Perez (Issues 1 through 5). For a rarely seen, hand drawn 'Logan' by George, click here .

Issues #6 and #7 started to take the reader on a new Logan Adventure, beyond Computer rule and life after the destruction of the Domes. Tom Sutton, Terry Austin and Klaus Janson were the artists for these issues. Logan was quickly blamed for the destruction of the City and havoc and panic soon followed. Logan was promptly locked up and jailed in Arcade - along with all the other Sandmen!

Unfortunately, the citizens soon realize the mistake of locking up their only 'police force' when they suddenly get their first rain storm, and their world quickly begins to flood! Also, the Savage Cubs soon stop by to try and take over the ruined city!

But as we all find out soon enough, the comic series ends after Issue #7 in July 1977. George Perez states in his interview from "Back Issue #34" that the Marvel comic series was cancelled suddenly due to licensing issues with MGM after the movie adaptation was complete. Marvel must have been holding out some hope that these issues would get resolved, as some 'new' Logan's Run comic book art pages had recently leaked from unreleased Logan's Run Issue #9, but alas - the series officially ended after Issue #7.

To end the licensing debate, MGM decided that they wanted a weekly Logan's Run television show instead of a continuation of the movie in comic form. Logan's Run - the Marvel movie comics - had thus come to a shocking and abrupt stop.

That is - until October 1981, when Marvel Comics released Issue #28 of "Bizarre Adventures".

This particular comic magazine series featured a collection of several short stories by various authors and artists. Noted comic artisit Frank Miller wrote and drew an Elektra story for this particular issue.

But more importantly for us, this issue also included a shockingly close Logan story called "The Huntsman", by Archie Goodwin, Michael Golden and Steve Mitchell.

There was no direct reference to Logan's Run in the comic - but the similarities are striking: the main character's name is Ballard (ref the novel Logan's Run), he hunts down 'defiers' of the ritual known as 'The Arena'. The character depiction of Ballard on the issue's cover bears a striking resemblence of York's 'Logan' - outfit and all. This would be Marvel's last foray into the world of Logan's Run.

The Logan' Run TV Series "Look In" Comics

In 1978, the British entertainment magazine "Look In" released several issues of Logan comics that were based on the Logans Run television series.

This comic series was in presented in black and white and drawn by Arthur Ranson. The series ran from April 1978 through September 1978, for a total of over 20 issues (with two pages of Logan comics per issue).

To see many of these particular comics online, be sure to check out Virtual Vikki's terrific Logan comic page . Many of these "Look In" Logan comics are presented here for your online reading enjoyment!!

The Adventure Comics' Book Adaptations

Adventure Comics (a division of Malibu Graphics Publishing Group) was handed the job to convert William F. Nolan's and George Clayton Johnson's books into Comic Book form in the late 80's/ early 90's.

Rather than follow the movie, like the Marvel Comics above, these comics covered the books! The company was able to complete Logan's Run and Logan's World; however, Logan's Search was never done.

Both of these comics were done as a six series set and were drawn and published in black and white. Most of the characters were drawn to appear VERY young (almost 'elfish', if you will)! Even though they are supposed to be 21, many characters appear to be around 16. In drawing them in this style, the artist really captured the 'childish' perceptions of a world run by 'kids' as described in the books.

And while William F Nolan has gone on record as stating that he really loved the adaptation of the stories in these Malibu comics, he, himself, thought that the artwork by Barry Blair (of their 'ElfLord' series) was terrible.

**Adventure Comics' "Logan's Run"**

These covers are of their Logan's Run series. This series was released in 1990. (Special thanks to Noelle for the use of Issue #1's cover!)

The Covers are illustrated by Ron Randall and the art inside was done by Barry Blair. (The characters on the cover are different than the ones that appear inside the actual comic.)

***For a synopsis of this book/comic, click here. ***

**Adventure Comics' "Logan's World"**

Here are the covers of their last Logan series, Logan's World, another 6 issue release. This series was released in 1991. Artist Barry Blair did both cover and inside art for these comics.

***For a synopsis of this book/comic, click here. ***

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