**Original Sandman Costumes**

Michael York's Original Logan5 Sandman Outfit

Original "Logan 5" Movie Costume designed by Bill Thomas.

This Costume is presently owned by Paul C.

This is the very outfit Michael York wore as Logan 5 in "Logan's Run". It is currently owned by a private collector who has given us permission to display it here. As you can see in this photo, the shirt and tunic are two different pieces. Together, they look like this:

As you can see, the emblem with Michael York's name is still attached!

Richard Jordan's Original Francis7 Sandman Outfit

Original "Francis 7" Movie Costume designed by Bill Thomas.

This Costume and belt is presently owned by Paul C.

Pictured above is the actual Sandman outfit Richard Jordan wore as Francis 7 in the film! Again, it is the original two-piece costume with Richard's name still attached!

Below is a shot of the Sandman Belt that was used for the costumes. This belt is worn around the waist and attached by velcro. The Follower would be attached to the belt at the point where the velcro meets.

Special thanks to Paul C. for the use of the above pictures on this page!

You can see more of Paul's terrific costumes at his Logan's Run website.

Original Sandman Tunic

Original "Sandman" Movie Costume designed by Bill Thomas.

This Costume is presently owned by John Azarian - private collector

View the Entire Azarian Collection @ www.azariancollection.com

The original Sandman tunic (pictured above) is part of Mr. John Azarian's extensive collection of original SciFi movie props and costumes. Mr Azarian descibes this costume as "A two piece costume consisting of a black polyester long sleeve under tunic with a black polyester vest having a grey blue stripe across the chest."

Mr. Azarian also points out that at the bottom of the tunic, is a special piece of material which can be seen in the above photo. This 'crotch piece' is part of the original costume and serves to keep the shirt continually tuked in. Lots of original movie costumes have this feature, since the actors wearing them do not have to continually check on nor worry about the shirt coming out of their pants while filming.

The tunic was later modified for the Logan's Run TV Series. The actors in the TV series wore a ONE PIECE tunic, after complaining that the original two-piece ones were too hot and uncomfortable for filming the series in the hot, California desert in the sweltering 1977 summer temperatures. The series was actually filmed during the California drought of '77.

Special thanks to Mr. Azarian for the use of his picture and information on this page!

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