The MGM Logan's Run DVD

The MGM Logan's Run DVD released September 1998. (Out of Print)

This is everyone's latest chance to experience the film as it was meant to be seen!! In all it's "Oh my God, I can't believe how much of the picture the videotaped version cut off" splendor!!

Logan's Run was filmed in TODD-AO format. This was one of the widest lenses available back in 1976! In order to really enjoy the film "Logan's Run" today, you MUST watch it in Letterbox format just once!!

Logan's Run DVD's list price is $24.98. It includes running audio commentary by director Michael Anderson, star Michael York and costume designer Bill Thomas, an introductory essay by director Michael Anderson, and an informative eight-page booklet. The special featurette "Logan's Run - A Look into the 23rd Century" that was on the previous Laserdisc version and the film's theatrical trailer are also included.

It does NOT include any of the missing stills/scenes, the extensive photo section as was presented in the laserdisc version, nor the American Cinematographer reprint.

The film is shown in 2.35:1 Letterbox format (Yeah!) and also features English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround, French Dolby Mono, English, French Subtitles.

Overall: A toned down version of the Laserdisc Special Edition .

Our rating : 7 out of 10 **The Laserdisc includes many more extras ;-)

The Warner Bros. Logan's Run DVD

The Warner Brothers Logan's Run DVD released on August 22, 2000. (No Longer Available)

This is the latest version of the DVD (the MGM version was end-of-lifed when Warner Brothers 'acquired' most of MGM's films in a buy out).

Other than the cover art and the omission of the cool Logan booklet that the MGM verison came with, the only 'real' difference between the two releases is that the new Warner release includes BOTH widescreen and Full Screen verisons of the film (although I can't imagine anyone wanting to watch this particular movie in Full Screen).

Our rating : 6 out of 10 Just because the booklet's no longer included.

The Warner Bros. RE-RELEASED Logan's Run DVD

The Re-Released Warner Brothers Logan's Run DVD released on November 27, 2007. (Currently Available)

This is the exact same version of the 'white poster art' Logan's Run DVD version mentioned directly above.

The only difference is the new DVD cover art and new Amaray style case.

This edition includes an up to $7.00 movie pass for Will Smith's "I Am Legend" - good thru Dec 29, 2007.

Visit our Logan's Run Mall page for a link to purchase this Warner DVD to add to your collection!

Our rating (still): 6 out of 10 Somethings never change for the better....

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