"Exit Sandman"

EXIT SANDMAN Lyrics by Arthur Levesque –

(To the tune of "Enter Sandman" by Metallica)


Live your life and have some fun

Thirty years, it's done

Same for everyone


Have no fear, we'll take care

Don't you try to run

Or the Sandman he comes


Isn't thirty enough?

That's life for you and I



Blinking light

End of life

Now farewell

You should've rode the Carousel


Must be wrong, hide the light

Having thoughts of flight

Where can you go tonight?


Dream safety, dreams of places

Far from Sandman's chases

And of help for your plight


Run with your ankh all night

Sanctuary's a lie




Now I learn the awful hell

Of the lie called Carousel

Those who die never return

I must run, I'm next to burn


Run Logan Sandman, follow the trails

And find the truth of runners' tales

You've just turned my crystal to black

Will you return my years back?


Blinking light

End of life

Thirty years...



Used With Permission

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