Logan's Run - Frequently Asked Questions

The questions listed below are ones that I normally get through email. So rather than answer each one a million different times, here are the most popular questions - along with their respective replies.

Q: Who created this site and why?

A: Hi. My name's John (Logan5 on our BBS) and I created and maintain this Logan's Run site (along with the help from hundreds of fellow Logans Run fans from around the globe). I've been a huge fan of Logan's Run ever since I was 11 years old and first saw it in the theaters back in 1976. I've had the privilege of watching this movie on the big screen and witnessing it before the rise of Star Wars, probably why I still hold it in such high regard! They say you never forget your first terrific SciFi cinematic experience, and you know: they're absolutely right!

When I first checked out the Internet back in the mid 90s, I spent most of my time surfing SciFi and gaming sites. Logan's Run was always my personal favorite movie, but I was always disappointed by the lack of exposure it had on the Internet at that time. Most of the sites back then just had little blurbs about it, and the ones that were somewhat detailed didn't offer any pictures, sounds, fun stuff, etc. that make for an interesting web site. So in 1997, I tried to make sure that Logan's Run had a decent Web presence and that the site offered lots of material and information for fellow fans.

Trivia: Back in 1997, my site was originally called "The Logan's Run Sandman Web Page" and my Arcade section was where it all began. Back then, my Arcade page didn't have anything to do with the Arcade from the movie (except one small Arcade screen capture pic from the film). It was basically just a list of online gaming and trivia sites such as TEN.net and zone.com, back when those companies were just starting to offer online gaming to their subscribers -- back in the good ole days of Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein 3-D and the first edition of Doom!! My, how time flies.....

Many people have contributed to this site over the years by sending me pictures, stories and other information relating to Logan's Run, and without whose help this site would not be possible. So a huge thanks to all of my fellow Sandmen/Runner friends, as we continue to bring you the finest Logan site on the Internet!

Finally, I am a child of the 60's/70's/80's, so I enjoy Pinball machines, vintage video games, Star Wars, Star Trek, Phantasm, Jaws, Planet of the Apes, Land of the Lost, Stanley Kubrick films, ELO, and the original (and best) cast of SNL.

You can reach me via email at: loganv_1999@yahoo.com.

Q: Is it true that there's a Logan's Run remake in the works?

Yes, it is! And has been now for many, many years - ugh!!! You can visit our Logan's Run Remake page to get all the latest news and gossip on this awesome (yet seriously delayed) project!!

Q: Do you know where I can get information on the Sandman Guns?

A: The Sandman Gun is the most highly sought after collectible from the movie/tv series, and the most asked about prop on my site. Over the years, a few people have written to me and told me that they have made or purchased replica working models (a few even have the ORIGINAL movie guns). Some were good, legit prop-makers who enjoyed helping other Logan fans out in sourcing and building these props, such as DavidT. Some were not so good (ie John C from Australia) who were more intent on taking people's money and not fulfilling on their promises.

Nowadays, if you want to get your hands on a working Logan's Run gun, your best bet is to check out Ebay every now and then - but please be sure to check out the seller's references. You don't want to have to fork over $800.00 or more to someone who's more intent on ripping you off than actually helping you. And I can never endorse purchasing anything from John C in Australia (aka DS_Props). This guy has created a lot of problems in the prop building community and many of his issues still have yet to be resolved!

Q: Will you record the Movie, the Soundtrack and/or TV Series for me?

A: No! Sorry, but I didn't create this Web page to make bootlegged copies of my Laserdisc, DVD, CD Soundtracks and other Logan related items. Bootlegs lower the value of authentic rare collectibles, are time consuming to produce, and are pretty much illegal anyway, so I neither have the time nor interest in doing this. What I CAN offer you is help in trying to track down where to find these rare collectibles. After years of searching for this stuff on the Internet, I have been successful in finding and purchasing most of my own Logan collectibles, and would be more than happy to offer you help with your searches.

You can also check out our Logan's Run Mall page to see what is currently being offered legally and where you can buy the latest Logan's Run merchandise.

Again, all e-mails asking for copies of my stuff will be ignored and deleted. So there.... :)

Q: O.k. So where are the best places to check for Logan Collectibles?

A: The best place to look (of course) is at Ebay (the definitive Internet Auction Site) at http://www.ebay.com . Just make sure you search for both "logan's run" and "logans run" because it actually does make a difference if you search with the apostrophe, or without it. I've already seen actual working Blasters, Comics, Books, Costumes, Original Life Clocks, Posters, etc. auctioned off here. Heck, someone over there was trying to sell my FREE Logan's Run Desktop 95/98 Theme several years ago. LOL!!! Guess people really liked it to go ahead and hock my own made stuff over there for their own greedy profits - hehehe. Really, you can find practically anything for sale over there....

Q: Where do babies come from?

You can't be serious.....????!!!!

Q: Do you know how to get in touch with anyone associated with the movie, books, etc. ?

A: Yes.

William F. Nolan (author of "Logan's Run", "Logan' Search" and "Logan's World" amoung countless other books and anthologies) has a website. Visit The Official William F. Nolan site to check out his work.

Michael York (Movie Logan) has set up his own official website. Check it out at The Michael York Website for all things Michael York!

Jenny Agutter (Movie Jessica) has got one, too. Check out The Official Jenny Agutter Website for some great Jenny news and pics!

Gregory Harrison (TV's Logan) has his own website. Visit The Official Gregory Harrison Site to check out his latest news.

Heather Menzies (TV's Jessica) has a website, too! Visit The Official Heather Menzies Site for information on this great actress and person!

Q: Boy... This site is huge!! How can I find out what's being added so I can stay on top of things?

A: Simple -- just check out our Logan's Run Web Site News page so you can always stay on top of the latest and greatest stuff we have posted for your enjoyment!! The News page will always be updated when new things are added to our site!

Keep all those great Logan finds coming!

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