The Francis7 Opening Hunt Scene 1

1 EXT. - SKY NIGHT The moon and stars are visible, but as CAMERA looks down, the SCREENfills with dark, billowing clouds. CAMERA moves into the clouds andjust as they blank out the SCREEN, a distant shimmer of lightbecomes visible. Moving toward it, the shimmer becomes

2 EXT. - DOME OF GLASS - NIGHT A glowing but not transparent structure stretching off into the clouds that press it. CAMERA continues to move in until thedetailed structural webbing of the dome fills the SCREEN and thenCAMERA MOVES THROUGH IT and we see

3 EXT. - THE CITY - DAY Shining below the dome (which we now see as a series of dome-like structures standing off without end) -a marvelous crystalline cityof great openness, building clusters, green plazas, fountains...multi-leveled but human scale, crisscrossed by the flickering cleartubes of the MAZE- CARS .

4 CLOSER ANGLE - ROOFTOPS As a MAZE-CAR slides softly to a stop.

5 ROOFTOP - THE RUNNER The hatch opens and a MAN in a hurry leaves the maze-car and runs swiftly along the rooftop and disappears into an open elevator which instantly starts to descend.

6 INT - RESIDENCE PLAZA - THE ELEVATOR From a busy courtyard below we watch the elevator slide down from a great height. As it reaches the courtyard the RUNNER darts out, pushes into the crowd.


8 WITH THE RUNNER As he reappears around a corner, skirts a brimming pool and makes for a kind of broad corridor which seems to lead out of the courtyard. He is moving even faster now, glancing back as if he fears pursuit.

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