Music Composed and Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith

Released November 7th, 1997 on the Varese Sarabande label (#VSD-5871)

Music performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra

Finally, someone has had the foresight to release a compilation of Jerry Goldsmith's greatest scores from his past Science Fiction movies on one CD! The tracks presented on this album have been newly recorded at City Halls, Glasgow on September 12 and 13, 1997.

The reason we are mentioning this wonderful release here is because it contains TWO newly recorded scores from the film Logan's Run!!

The CD is crystal clear and all of the music is presented in full orchestral magnificence! If you've seen any of the Star Trek movies, you've heard Jerry Goldsmith at his finest (next to Logan's Run, of course)!

So before they re-release the full Logan's Run soundtrack to us eager fans, we can very much settle for this very nice collection of some of Jerry's best work!

Below are the cuts from the album by side, and running time. Notice, the Logan's Run tracks get the longest air time. We only wish they would've included the opening theme to Logan's Run...

The cuts:

1. Star Trek: First Contact (5:24) End Title

2. Twilight Zone: The Movie (6:02) Overture

3. Capricorn One (2:50) Main Title

4-5. Logan's Run The Monument (8:30) and End of the City (2:14)

6. The Illustrated Man (3:50) Main Title (with vocal by Claire Rutter)

7. Star Trek: The Motion Picture (6:07) The Enterprise

8. Total Recall (2:28) Main Title

9-10. Damnation Alley Main Title (2:09) and End Title (2:02)

11. Star Trek: Voyager (2:08) Main Title

12. Alien (3:11) End Title

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