The Special Edition Logan's Run Laserdisc

On October 10, 1997, Image Laserdisc Company released a special Collector's Edition laserdisc:

Logan's Run - Special Edition

So what's so special about this disc? Well, here is a list of Special Features to be found in this hot collectible:

* New digital transfer Even though the film still shows a little wear and some scratches pop up periodically, it has been cleaned up a little bit from the previous disc and is a relatively 'better' transfer than previous editions we have seen.
* Dolby Digital sound The AC-3 sounds fantastic! Jerry Goldsmith's fabulous score never sounded better! A very crisp encoding!
* Audio commentary from Director Michael Anderson, Actor Michael York, and Costume Designer Bill Thomas. Each speaker talks about their experiences as the film plays. (We only wish they would have all been seated together during this; however, it's clear that each was recorded separately, and there is no interaction between them. A bad idea, in our opinion.) However, each does give good insight into the film, even if it is a bit 'too serious'.
* 1975 Featurette "MGM International Conference - The Lion Roars Again" A totally 70's look at a conference held at MGM to tell the world, "We're back!" Includes more behind the scenes footage of the film Logan's Run, including a 23rd Century Fashion Show. Pay special close attention to the model wearing the Sandman outfit. OMG!!! Look at that bloke modeling the Sandman outfit -- isn't that.... why, it sure the heck is!!! It's DAVID HASSELHOFF from "Baywatch"!
* 1976 Featurette "A Look Into the 23rd Century" A nice short film of Logan's Run Behind the Scenes. Includes brief interviews with some of the cast and crew. Alas, none from our personal favorite, the late, great Richard Jordan (Francis 7)
* "Greetings from Logan's Papa" gate-fold essay by William F. Nolan (located in the center of the album, a brief history from the author about the creation of Logan. He does go on to say, and we quote, "A high-tech, high budget remake of LOGAN'S RUN is on the horizon." )
* "American Cinematographer" Magazine June 1976 reprint - actually reprinted on the disc, itself! The reader must 'Step' through the entire magazine article by pressing 'step' on the remote control. Includes more production stills within the articles. Very well done.
* Script and Stills of deleted scenes (it appears that the actual footage has been lost, so they had to resort to photos and the written script to tell these scenes: our only main gripe (aside from the non-interacting commentary) about this otherwise good collectible).
* Costume design sketches lots of stills on the costumes from the movie
* Over 200 production stills A very thorough collection! Again, well presented.
* A Special Teaser trailer that includes footage of the Francis 7 hunt scene cut from the film (without sound and not the entire footage), plus other brief, cut footage (including shots at the Hallucimill and Relive shops - fans of the book should know about these). Thanks for this, MGM, since the actual footage is 'missing'.
* Original Theatrical Trailer - same one as was on the last laserdisc
* Plus other special goodies. - Find these out on your own!

The disc is letterboxed at a correct ratio of 2.35:1. The previous Turner/MGM "Logan's Run" letterboxed laserdisc was presented in an extreme letterbox ratio 2.5:1. At this high ratio, part of the the upper and lower portions of the movie had to be chopped off so this wide width could be preserved.

Our Overall Rating: an 8 out of 10!

Suggested Retail Price is $69.98.

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