"Logan's Run: TV Series Limited Edition Soundtrack"

Featuring the Original Compositions of Laurence Rosenthal, in STEREO!!

Released March 12, 2004 on the Film Score Monthly label (FSM Vol. 7 No. 4)

The incredible folks over at Film Score Monthly Records (with special arrangement with Turner Classic Movies) have done it again!!

For the first time ever in ANY format!!

FSM Records has released the Logan's Run: TV Series Limited Edition Soundtrack, featuring the original musical compositions of Laurance Rosenthal, Jerrold Immel, Jeff Alexander and Bruce Broughton.

This incredible CD (like their previous "Logan's Run Special Edition" CD Soundtrack) is limited to only 3,000 copies. This one will definately be one of those rare and hard-to-find television soundtracks that should maintain it's rarity for years to come!

The image on the CD itself is of Logan, with Jessica grabbing his arm, both looking ahead cautiously (as they do on the CD booklet cover). The background is a large red crystal.

The CD comes complete with a wonderful 19 page booklet containing tons of information on the musical compositions contained on the CD, lots of great series photos and some general background information on the series itself. A complete episode guide is also featured, showing the dates when the music was actually recorded for each episode, along with brief synopsyses of each episode.

As with all of Film Score Monthy's releases, this gets extremely high marks! This is truly a release that they have taken great love and care in producing, as this entire package is beautifully done!

From the superb sound quality of all the musical selections (all presented in Stereo and remixed from the original 1/2" three-track masters) to the beautifully produced booklet, this soundtrack package is one for the ages!! FSM does it again with another superbly produced classic TV soundtrack!!

Our rating: A+++

The cuts:

1. Main Title (1:11) (133k) The Main Title for Logan's Run: TV Series by Rosenthal. You have never heard this theme sound so crystal clear in your life!! Instruments you have never heard before on your old TV tapes magically spring to life on this recording (my Real Audio sample doesn't do this theme justice anymore!) Terrific!!

2. Pilot - Suite Part 1 (8:43) This suite from the Pilot is made up of five seperate pieces: Main Title, The Die is Cast, The Outer World, Logan and Jessica (a softer version of the Main Title), and Through the Wall (Sandman and Francis' Theme) - all by Rosenthal. This suite of music starts from within the City of Domes and continues until Logan and Jessica escape the city and are hunted outside by the Sandmen.

3. Pilot - Suite Part 2 (6:18) The Pilot's suite of music continues with four more compostions by Rosenthal. These include The Raiders, Leanna, The Abduction, and The Rout. This is the section that was added to the Pilot to expand it from 60 mintues to 90 minutes. This includes the story of a group of pacifists hiding below ground from a group of slavers.

4. Pilot - Suite Part 3 (7:47) The conclusion to the Pilot suites featuring To the Monolith, Guests of the City, Synthesized Source, The Masters, Sandmen Catch Up, Impregnable, Two Plus Rem, and finally Logan End Credits, all, again, composed by Rosenthal. This music is from the section of the Pilot where Logan and Jessica meet up with Rem, their android traveling companion.

5. Bumpers (0:10) Bumpers were the short tags of music played before and after a commercial break, and both Rosenthal's bumpers are presented here; the second one more closely matching the Main Title.

6. The Collectors (4:10) Another Rosenthal Suite of music. This collection is from "The Collectors" and features Oasis, Telekinesis, Rescuing the Ark, Part I, Fate Unknown, and Rem's Pets.

7. Capture - Jeff Alexander (5:56) From the episode, "Capture". This is Jeff Alexander's only score for the series. This bit of music is composed of the following tracks: Nature Shot, Talker #9, Stalker #11, Stalker's Statemen Curtain, Caged, Death Knell Pt. 1, Death Knell Part 2, and Stalker #12.

8. The Innocent - Jerrold Immel (6:29) Scored by Jerrold Immel, this is from "The Innocent" episode. This piece of music is made up of two of his works: In the Beginning and Finally (ends with another different take on the Rosenthal Main Theme).

9. Man Out of Time (9:06) Coming back the Rosenthal again, this suite of music is from "Man Out of Time", regarded by many as one of the best episodes of the entire series. This piece of music is made up of The Module, String of Truth, The Computer, and A Voice From the Past.

10. Half-Life - Jerrold Immel (8:46) Another popular favorite of all the Logan episodes, "Half-Life" features the music of Immel again. This suite of music is made up of Hovercraft (Opening), Captured, Inside, Cast Out, Escape, Jesscia Negative, and Reversing the Process.

11. Fear Factor - Bruce Broughton (11:39) Bruce Broughton chimes in with some music for the Fear Factor episode. Bruce's The Mansion, The Demonstration, Great Balls of Fire (NOT the Jerry Lee Lewis version - lol),Gassed, Shrink Shoot and Seeing the Light make up this interesting suite of music. Interesting note: the music presented here lacked a cello section, as the cellists were on strike at the time this piece of music was written.

12. Futurepast (6:40) Rosenthal returns for "Futurepast", the episode with Rem falling in love with Ariana, the robot who administers dream therapy to it's visitors. This suite is made up of The Observatory, Rem in Love and Rem and Ariana.

13. Night Visitors - Bruce Boughton (1:55) Bruce gets his cellists back for Rooms, presented here from the creepy Night Visitors episode.

14. End Title (0:38) A different take on Rosenthal's Main Title, slower and shorter, used at the end of every episode as the credits roll..

All tracks are presented in STEREO!

Total Disc Time - 79:55!

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