Logan's Run Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Now enhanced with Real Audio samples!!

Music Composed and Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith

Released by MGM Records (1976) #MG-1-5302

You can not talk about the movie "Logan's Run" without mentioning the fantastic musical score it had behind it! Truly, it is a soundtrack to be remembered!

A new pressing of the Logan's Run Official CD Soundtrack (including Jerry Goldsmith's score from the movie "Coma") is due to be released July 25, 2000 by Chapter III Records! To order this terrific SciFi soundtrack online, visit our Logans Run Mall page that will provide you with a link to buy it online.

This was one of the first movie Soundtracks that really caught my attention and forced me to go out to the record stores and look for it. When I first saw the movie in 1976 (I was 11 at the time), I thought that the music was incredible (I still do)! Composer Jerry Goldsmith did a fantastic job in creating a muscial score combining classical compositions with synthesized music.

Jerry Goldsmith is still doing incredible scores for movies such as "Air Force One", "Total Recall" and the Star Trek films. But it was "Logan's Run" that became my personal favorite.

There was a CD version that came out a few years ago (pictured above). It was released on the Bay Cities lable (BCD 3024 (A22722) DIDP 077068) by Sony Music Special Products, by Sony Products/Manufactured by Columbia Records. It included liner notes written by Bruce Eder. And yes, it sounds 200 times better than any old vinyl copy!!

Again, a new Logan's Run Official CD Soundtrack is due out on July 25, 2000 from Chapter III Records ! Be on the look out for it!

Below are the cuts from the album by side, and running time. Again, this album has been out-of-print for years and is pretty difficult to find.

Real Audio Samples now Included!! Click on the to hear the track played in real Audio format. (These tracks are non-streaming - meaning that you must sit through a download first - sorry.) You must have Real Audio v3.0 or greater installed on your computer to hear these selections. You can download it for FREE at the Real Audio site. Click here to get it if you don't have it already installed!!

Side 1

1. The Dome(2:05) (245k) The theme from Logan's Run, as the camera enters The City of The Domes.

2. On the Circuit (3:45) The music playing when Logan meets Jessica for the first time.

3. The Sun (2:09) A 'triumphant' piece as Logan and Jessica emerge from Box's Frozen World to the outside world.

4. Flameout (3:24) The excellent synthesized music from the Carrousel scene, as the participants try to reach renewal.

5. The Monument (8:08) Haunting piece from when Jessica and Logan search the D.C. ruins.

Side 2

1. You're Renewed (2:47) Energetic piece of the battle between Logan and Francis in the Capitol building (very well scored).

2. Ice Sculpture (3:33) Goldsmith does an excellent job here creating an 'icy' feel to his music mixed in with what sounds like an eerie Indian drumbeat (another favorite of mine).

3. Love Shop (3:42) The 'synthesized' music from the Love Shop scene! This is actually over three minutes of music; however, the film only showed about 1 minute of the Love Shop. According to Michael Anderson, the director, there was much more of the Love Shop scene, but unfortunately the censors had asked him to tone it down, or they would give the movie an 'R' rating. So he reluctantly cut the scene to preserve the 'PG' rating, and still maintains that there was really nothing 'obscene' about the footage and never did they show full frontal nudity. Even though the full music is saved on the soundtrack, the footage is gone forever....

4. The Truth (2:04) 'Chase' music of Logan and Jessica running under the city, escaping Francis 7's pursuit.

5. Intensive Care (3:58) The great score from the New You, as Logan is about to learn Doc's true intention!

6. End of the City (2:22) The end theme to Logan's Run.

7. Love Theme from "Logan's Run" (2:05) An 'extra' not heard in the movie, lucky for us. This is not Jerry Goldsmith, but an arrangement of Jerry's 'Logan's Run Love Theme' by Jimmie Haskell. It seems Jimmie tried to release this as a 1970's modern arrangement for radio airplay, but, alas, it didn't go anywhere. Wonder why???

Special Bonus!!!

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