"Logan's Run Special Limited Edition Soundtrack"

Music Composed and Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith

Released February 22, 2002 on the Film Score Monthly label (FSM Vol. 5 No. 2)

Finally, Loganites!! After 26 long years! The complete Logan's Run Soundtrack has been released!

Film Score Monthly Records has released the 'definitive' Logan's Run Soundtrack on CD - complete for the first time ever!

This incredible CD is limited to only 3,000 copies, making it truly a rare collectible for any fan of Logan's Run, Jerry Goldsmith or any collector of rare and hard-to-find motion picture soundtracks!

In addition to containing 11 more tracks than were included on all of the previous Logan's Run soundtrack releases, this version puts them all in the correct order. This allows the listener to better appreciate the robustness of Goldsmith's full score. The beginning cuts (those from the city) are more 'synthesized' and foreboding, highlighted by Goldsmith's wonderful use of a MOOG synthesizer. Later, around the time of "The Sun", the score switches over to full orchestra - complete with strings, brass and bass, emphasizing Logan and Jessica's brave escape from the Domes, as well as their growing love towards each other. Finally, it switches back to electronic synthesized cuts as they return to the city to free the others.

The disc also includes a wonderful, full color 15 page booklet, with photos, storyboard drawings and a behind the scenes shot of 'the city' model. The linear notes discuss both the film and Jerry's amazing score. Furthermore, each track is described in detail, both with what's happening in the movie, as well as what's happening in the orchestra.

The CD itself shows the Carrousel participants circled around the Lifeclock before Carrousel begins. Behind the disc, the inside back cover shows them in flight.

This soundtrack release was definately put together with great admiration to both the film and Goldsmith's terrific score. It is so nice to finally get to hear the full Nursery lullabye uncut and without dialogue, the wonderful Crazy Ideas music during Logan and Jessica's trip to Cathedral, and the menacing sounds during She'll Do It , as Jessica tries to lure Logan to his doom. All the original music is presented here uncut and complete for the first time ever!!

This soundtrack has been newly remixed 'from the original multitrack elements'. The sound is even better than on the previous Chapter III CD release! This is definately the best version of this soundtrack released to date.

Our Review: A+++

Below is a list of the tracks featured on this outstanding collectible!

The cuts:

1. The Dome, The City, Nursery (3:05)** Main Titles with newly added Nusery Lullabye to close out this track

2. Flameout (3:23) Logan and Francis attend Carrousel

3. Fatal Games (2:26)** Francis and Logan hunting the first runner after Carrousel. Also includes the music from the deleted Francis Hunt Scene that was cut from the beginning of the film!

4. On the Circuit (3:49) Logan meets Jessica on the Circuit

5. The Assignment/Lost Years (5:59)** Logan's de-briefing with computer. Lost Years is from the deleted scene that follows, of Logan walking back to his apartment alone.

6. She'll Do It/ Let Me Help (2:41)** Jessica lures Logan to her friends and potential doom

7. Crazy Ideas (2:38)** Logan and Jessica on the way to Cathedral

8. A Little Muscle (2:22)** Billy and the Cubs attack

9. Terminated in Cathedral (1:28)** "I'm no where near 30" Francis terminates Lara.

10. Intensive Care (3:00) At New You #483

11. Love Shop (3:43) At the Love Shop. Same score as on the previous Soundtracks.

12. They're Watching/Doc Is Dead (2:45)** Welcome to the Runners' Underground Lair

13. The Key/Box (4:22)** Logan and Jessica's escape under the City and arrive at Box's Lair.

14. Ice Sculpture (3:35) In the Ice Caverns with Box. Actually the music that played during the deleted Ice Sculpture scene. It ends with Box showing the frozen runners and the battle that follows.

15. The Sun (2:15) Logan and Jessica reach outside

16. The Monument (8:12) Touring D.C.

17. The Truth (2:03) In the US Capitol

18. You're Renewed (2:58) And in this corner.... Francis vs. Logan

19. The Journey Back/The Beach (1:36)** Back to the City of Domes

20. Return to the City/Apprehensions (2:30)** Logan and Jessica go for a swim and then are captured

21. The Interrogation (3:58)** There is NO sanctuary

22. End of the City (2:23) The City's in flames and End Titles

23. Love Theme From "Logan's Run" (2:27) Jimmie Haskell's loving tribute to Jerry Goldsmith and 70's radio

** previously unavailable track

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