Welcome to the Love Shop

**A place to fulfill your ultimate desires!**

Hi, I'm Kerenya 3. Welcome to the Love Shop, your one stop shop for all your ultimate fantasies!

Here at the Love Shop, we cater to your every need and desire. Our superb selection of beautiful 'playmates' goes unmatched throughout the domes. Nowhere else can you experience the most voluptuous citizens who crave only one thing - your ultimate satisfaction!

---- ----

Walk through our rooms filled with intoxicating LF fumes! These 'lifts' will fill your body with an insatiable and uncontrollable appetite for love! Also, be sure to check out our hugely popular Glasshouses, where love will totally surround you - from side to side, and above and below!

It's all yours to experience at The Love Shop!


When it's time to relax, let our staff take care of you in ways you've only dreamed of!

We have special discount rates for those of you on last day !!

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