An Open Letter to All Logan Fans

from William F. Nolan


 I  would like to correct some false information of concern to me that has surfaced on some of the Logan sites recently:


q                 Error: To the effect that  George Clayton Johnson and I ripped off the book and film industry by “hacking out” Logan’s Run in three weeks at a Howard Johnson’s, and that I needed the money to help one of my kids get to college.


q                 Correction: Logan’s Run was written in a motel along the Pacific Coast in Malibu in the fall of 1965, carefully developed from notes that Johnson and I had been making for over a year. Yes, the first draft was written in three weeks, but then it was re-written, revised and polished later in San Francisco. It was anything but a “hack” job. In fact, I consider it my finest novel, and I’m very proud of it. I did not write it just for money (Although, naturally, I hoped - as did George - to make money from it.) Lastly, I have no children.


For now, I hope this sets the record straight.


Best to all of you. Logan Lives!

William F. Nolan - October 20, 2000



A Note From Tim Sinniger


 I own the first-draft manuscript of “Logan’s Run.” I purchased it over 12 years ago from a dealer, and it is the cornerstone of my “William F. Nolan Collection.” Bill is correct when he states that the finished novel was revised and polished. The missing “Logan Fragments” that appeared recently in print came directly from my manuscript. Let’s remember that “Logan’s Run” has truly become  a multi-media phenomenon over the years. It has been a novel, a major motion picture, a television series, and has been adapted into comic book form twice. A “ripoff?” I think not! A “classic” is more like it!


Thank you,

Tim Sinniger - October 20, 2000

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