An Open Letter from William F. Nolan to the Online Logan Community

Feb. 9, 2000

To: Brendon Macaraeg and Chris Dalton and Paul Browning and John Rorke and

Steve Hardy and Remesh Iyer and Chris Neary and C. Mason

Hi, gang!

I want to apologize for taking so long to draft this letter. (A couple of

you wrote me as early as last November!) The problem is two fold: first, I

don't use a computer (my wife does, but that's her thing, not mine). Yeah,

I know I have a website ( but John Anthony Miller of

Phantom Bookshop, put it up for me (God bless him!) so I had nothing to do

with it beyond supplying some data and artwork. Still, I'm glad it's up,

and it will expand in time. ( I want to link it to several Logan websites,

for example).

Anyhow, my second reason for not writing to you sooner is that, as a

fulltime pro (with 65 books, 40 scripts, and 800 mag pieces to my credit) I

just don't have the time to deal with letters. Right now, I'm into more

than a dozen projects, so I hope you can appreciate my lack of letter time.

I'm very grateful to each of you for writing to me. Your continued support,

and the support of many others, has kept Mr. Logan alive and running. And,

I can promise you, he is not about to slow down.

From what I've learned in recent weeks, Warner Bros. (after 3 years

already) is finally "active" on the new Logan remake, which is to say they

have a new writer on it, working away to come up with a treatment for their

okay. Still no script, or cast, or director, or start date...but maybe this

will be the year they'll get off the dime and roll their film. We can hope.

(And if you want to speed the process, write to Joel Silver, c/o Warner

Bros. in Burbank, Calif. He's the producer.

Will it be more faithful to the original novel? Who can say? I have no

control (having sold all film rights) so it's up to Fate, or the Gods, or

Mr. Silver. Keep your toes crossed.

So...let me answer some of your questions:

WILL THERE BE A LOGAN GAME? Maybe, if the new movie hits big. All game

rights are owned by MGM, so I have no say.

WILL THERE BE MORE LOGAN NOVELS? Again, it depends on the film. If it is

really made, then I will write 3 more that I have plotted and are ready to

go. But I can't sell them for proper money till Warner's sets up a start

date and that could take a while. But the 3 are ready to go, and they are



has just 10 copies left at this date, at 40 dollars each. (Contact him via

Phantom Bookshop). So, if you hurry...

But, hey, there's good news for those of you who want all three novels. A

new publisher here in Calif. is bringing out all three as a signed,

limited-edition matched set, in trade paperback format, next month. For

price, inc. tax and shipping write to:

Marcus Barccani, President

Virtual Publishing Group

2817 Stanton St.

Berkeley, Calif. 94702-2522

I did the cover art for all three, plus an updated Media History. They are

well worth your trouble even if you have earlier editions. This set is

unique, take my word.


has one outlined, but whether he'll ever write it or not is open to question.

WHERE WAS THE MGM FILM MADE? In Calif. and Texas. They built several large

sets at MGM in Culver City--for the city, the maze tunnel, sandman

headquarters, the ice cave, the NuYou table, etc.---and shot the rest at a

shopping mall in Dallas and at the Water Gardens in Fort Worth.

DID I CONTRIBUTE TO THE NEW LOGAN CD IN THE WORKS FROM RICK BERNIER? I sure did. Interview, missing wordage from the original novel, etc. It

should be a blast!

That's it. I want to thank all of you for your warm letters, and I'm happy

that Logan continues to hold a solid place in your lives. He's still

running, so hang in there, guys! The best is yet to come.

Cheers from Logan's "Papa"

William F. Nolan

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