Custom 3-D Character Graphics From Logan's World

Logan and the Last Day Man, Sawyer

Below you will find even more terrific 3D images of some of the characters from the books of Logan's world, all courtesy of Richard G. and his wonderful graphics-art skills.

This assortment of Richard G. 's images are again based on his visions of how Logan's world may look. He has created enough images to tell the entire story of Logan's Run! One day, maybe - he may release the entire set of his custom images online for all to enjoy.

Richard credits the following in helping his images become reality:

Character creation done in Curious Labs Poser5 - Daz Milleneum Figures Vicky and Mike - Other renders done in Corel Bryce5

Check out a great pic of Lilith 4 in her Peeping Party outfit!

Here's a cool shot of Doc and Holly at New You .

A terrifice shot of Box , the half robot, half man keeper of Hell.

And Gray Girl of the Pleasure Gypsies - "Wild Me, Sandfella."

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