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06012017: Moved site over to ANOTHER NEW Web hosting service. Please update your bookmarks! The World of Logan's Run .

12032012: Moved site over to new Web hosting service. Please update your bookmarks! The World of Logan's Run .

06092010: Logan's Run in 3D?? It could happen. Check out our Logan's Run Remake page for the latest news.

01292010: Bluewater Publishing's new Logan's Run comic book series 'Last Day' is due to arrive in comic book stores February 17, 2010! Comic book stores get their shipments of new comics on Wednesdays - so check with them February 17 to get the coveted Premiere Issue!

To keep you up to date with this exciting new Logan's Run release, we've also posted a new Bluewater Comic page on our site featuring this latest collectible comic. Be sure to check it out at our Bluewater Logan's Run Last Day page. Logan runs again!!

12312009: Posted Ken K's spinning 3D Arcade hand sculpture on our Arcade page. Also posted Chip Bell's latest Logan's Run TV story - "New City" on our Stories page. Check them out today!

11142009: A few years ago, a Logan's Run fan sent me a large .avi movie file of his restored version of the complete Logan and Jessica's mazecare trip to Cathedral , but I was never able to share it on my old Geocities website, due to it's size. But all that's changed now. Enjoy this terrific, NEW Logan's Run movie clip.

Also, I added links to two new Logan's Run TV Stories on our Logan's Run Original Stories page , penned by Logan fan Chip Bell.

Finally, I added a few more links to the Logan's Run Videos page . Watch out for the 'Last Day' Girl Party video. It's a doozey....

11102009: Posted our new Logan's Run banner on our Main Page. Special Thanks to Ken Kirkpatrick for the great work he did on it!

Also, the new Logan's Run Blu-Ray disc mentioned below was released today. Here's the link to Amazon's page to order this latest Logan's Run release.

10272009: Today, we say 'Goodbye' to Geocities, the internet home of "The World of Logan's Run" for the past 12 years. Yahoo has shut the doors today - so we've moved our Website over to our brand new, very own URL --

Please be sure to update your Bookmark and tell your friends!! Even though Geocities may be dead - Logan will continue to run here at The World of Logan's Run!!

07252009: William F Nolan wrote us a letter to share with everyone regarding the completion of his and Paul McComas' latest Logan's Run novel: "Logan's Journey". Click here to read and savor!

07212009: Word on the street is that Warner Brothers will release the Logan's Run movie on Blu-Ray on November 10, 2009.

Looks like it may be the same release as the DVD versions that have come before it. Hopefully, at least, they will clean up the transfer and remove the scratches and washed out colors. Sadly - it doesn't look like any lost footage will be included.

06052009: The magazine Back Issue #34 - June 2009 Edition is currently available at your favorite Comic Book shop. It features a terrific SEVEN PAGE article of the many different versions of Logan's Run that have appeared in comic book format over the years, including Marvel, Malibu Graphics and the Look In TV comics!

The article, written by Dewey Cassell, contains new interviews with William F Nolan and George Perez (the highly talented illustrator on the main Logan Marvel comics). Although it doesn't mention the upcoming comics that will be released at the end of the year from Bluewater Publishing, it gives a total history of all the Logan that came before it! Buy your copy today!

06012009: William F Nolan just signed a contract with Bluewater Publishing to have them create and publish three NEW comics that will be released later this year (Nov '09?) - including at least one based on "Logan's Run"!

The comic will be called "Logan's Run: Lastday" and is said to be a Re-imagining of the classic trilogy - with possibly some new adventures for Logan and Jessica. They will be written by Hollywood screenwriter Paul J Salamoff and illustrated by Daniel Gete. William F Nolan calls it a NEW chapter in the Logan's Run saga! They will also creat a comic based on his 'Seven For Space' novel.

Read the story here! and start saving your pennies for November 2009 (expected release date)!

Lastly, William F Nolan tells us that besides the book "Logan's Journey" that he is writing with our very own Paul McComas, he is currently working with Jason V Brock on another Logan's Run novel (but as of yet, not titled). Hopefully, all of this great Logan's Run news should keep everyone happy through summer! It's gonna be a great Logan end of year!! Now all we need is the GO for the remake!

03152009: Added a new page to the From the Fans site for some cool Logan's Run videos made by fans. Check out the Logan's Run Fan Made Video page today!

03162008: No real huge update today. Just sprucing up our Online Logan's Run Mall page as well as my FAQ Page .

02082008: Author William F Nolan has written in to update us with the latest on the 'stalled' Logan's Run remake. Click here to read Bill's letter .

12162007: BrokenSea Audio is currently posting their version of Logan's Run in audio format over at their BrokenSea Logan's Run Audio website. Be sure to stop on by today to listen to their great LR audio dramas and be sure to check out their others as well (they do a terrific Planet of the Apes, too)!!

The LR series is still in production, so the remaining episodes will appear later on their site as soon as they are completed!

12022007: Warner Brothers has released their 'old' Logan's Run two-sided (ie one side is LR in FULL SCREEN format, the other side is the Anamorphic WIDESCREEN version - Enhanced for Widescreen TVs) DVD disc under new Warner Bros packaging. This DVD release is the exact same one that was released previously in the Warner Borthers white 'poster art' DVD release. All that is different is that you get new cover art, a new Amaray DVD case (not the old and clunky snap case as before) and a free Movie ticket to Will Smith's upcoming "I Am Legend" movie (good thru Dec 29, 2007). Visit our City of Domes Mall page for the purchase link for this disc.

No disc art on the actual DVD disc (it's two sided - duh!) - no booklet included - just a free "I Am Legend" movie pass (good up to $7.00, that is).

In the words of a famous Warner Borthers spokesman -- "Th... th... that's all folks!"

10112007: More interesting Remake news over at our Logan's Run Remake Page. Someone on the web is claiming to have seen and read the actual Bryan Singer LR Remake script and offers up some of its interesting details!

08272007: Warner Brothers has just confirmed that Joseph Kosinski is in fact the new Logan's Run remake director, with Tim Sexton as screenwriter! Be sure to check out our Logan's Run Remake Page for news updates as they become available!


Apple's iTune Music and Video Store has officially begun selling the Complete Logan's Run TV Series via digital download! All 14 episodes are there for purchase at $1.99 each - or the complete series for $24.99!!! If you haven't downloaded the iTunes program yet, do it NOW and get yourself these excellent LEGAL and OFFICIAL digital copies of this fantastic series today!! Complete with NO COMMERCIALS and NO TV STATION ICON IMAGES!! Download iTunes here. Terrific!!

05282007: New remake news and updates over at the LR Remake page . Run, runner!

04122007: It is with heavy sadness that report on the news that Roscoe Lee Browne (BOX) has passed away at age 81 after a long battle with cancer. Although he has a long and accomplished history in film, theater and television, to me - he will always be fondly remembered as BOX from "Logan's Run', one of the all-time great movie cyborgs. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

03032007: William F Nolan has a new Logan's Run Remake Update for us.

01222007: Revised Joe Rauner's Logan's Run Transcript page to update his LR Note's to the most current version.

01032007: Happy New Year, everyone! William F Nolan has just written in to let us know that his latest Logan's Run novel (Logan's Journey: A 3-Part Adventure) will be finished in 2007! It should be published at the release of the Warner Brothers remake. This will be WFN's first new novel in 27 years!!

Also, be sure to check out Bill's latest 'self-help' book, Let's Get Creative: Writing Fiction that Sells! , available from Quill Driver Books.

Finally, we also posted more of Gordon M's terrific Jessica Cigarboxes! You can see the new images over at our Gordon M's Jessica Cigarboxes - Part 2 page. Great stuff!!

10042006: The Logan's Run Television Series is currently running on the UK's SciFi Channel , now until early 2007!!

09282006: Added a few new video links of some Logan's Run video material on our Sounds and Video page .

06222006: We've received a new letter from William F Nolan to post on our Website. In it, he chronicles the long and often frustrating history of the Logan's Run remake project, through all of its ups and downs. Be sure to read it today! It's an exclusive WFN article that can only be found here - at "The World of Logan's Run" website!

06032006: Added an updated Logan's Run TV Theme Midi File v2.0 to our Logan's Run TV and Sounds pages, courtesy of Neil Strawbridge. Check out his terrific TVs Greatest Hits Website today!

05162006: Is Bryan Singer running away from the Logan's Run Remake's directing chair? Check out our remake page for the latest news and gossip!

Also, added the new link to nems12's Logan's Run Lost Video Clips. If you've never seen the original opening of Logan's Run before, you must check it out right away! Two other great Logan 'lost' clips are there, too!

02142006: More recent remake news posted on our Logan's Run Remake page. Stop by for the most recent remake updates!

12052005: We posted a link to a recent Bryan Singer video interview (12/1/05) where he answers a few more questions about his upcoming Logan's Run remake. Visit our Logan's Run Remake page for info.

10282005: New Joel Singer interview link with some Logan's Run remake remarks over at the Logan's Run Remake page.

Also, I've created a few more custom Logan's Run Buddy Icons for you to download and use! This batch is based on the Logan's Run TV series!

10212005: Check out the new "Box - The Movie" page! Paul McComas, one of our regular contributing BBS members, shot this film when he was 14 years old, back in late 1976. Paul has kindly allowed us to showcase some pictures from his film on our site. Be sure to stop by today and read up on this very entertaining fan-made film from the 70s! If you'd like your very own copy of the film, please email Paul directly for information.

10012005: We've created some original 'Logan's Run' Buddy Icons for use with AOL's Instant Messenger (AIM) program. Visit our Logan's Run Buddy Icon page to download these free icons today!

09242005: Updated several of our Logan's Run Tour pages with new verbage and some new pictures. Experience our Logan's Run tour site all over again!

09202005: Updated our Comics page with some additional information on Logan in comic form.

09102005: You may have noticed the new Widescreen picture capture on our main page of Logan and Jessica near Cathedral. Well, today we've updated almost ALL of our movie capture images from the dreary looking Pan & Scan video captures of old to the more vibrant, Widescreen DVD images of today! To view many of them, take our Logan's Run tour again.

09092005: We've finally gotten around to adding a page about the Logan's Run Annual collectible that's been out since 1978. Why I never created a page on this collectible before, I'll never know. But here it is now, so enjoy!

09012005: Be sure to read our latest interview with Logan's Run co-author William F. Nolan today! The questions asked were those our site's visitors and friends had sent in! Thanks to everyone who participated! The interview brings us all up to speed on what he's been up to lately - as well as some added surprises!!

07182005: Remake hints dropped by Singer at this year's Comic Con. Check out our Logan's Run Remake page for the link.

04092005: Added the updated Joe R's Logan's Run Notes document over on the Logan's Run Notes and Transcripts page.

04072005: Added a couple of new 3D Logan's Run custom computer images as created by computer graphics wiz Ken K! Check out his awesome Logan graphics on the Logan's Run 3D Cityscapes page .

02222005: A link added to a Joel Silver "Logan's Run" remake interview posted on our Remake page .

02082005: Some updated crew information regarding the remake has been posted on our Remake page .

12152004: The latest issue of Starlog Magazine (#330 - January 2005) is available now and offers up a terrific six page interview with accomplished Logan's Run author William F. Nolan! With lots of insight into how Logan came to be, and even more on Bill's many other works, it's a great article to read! In bookstores now!!

12112004: After a few years with Bravenet as our "Logan's Run Circuit BBS" service provider, it's time to cut the cord. We've decided to switch BBS providers. Starting today, our BRAND NEW Logan's Run Forums will be hosted by Invision. We will be removing our old boards shortly, but will keep them up a little longer to spread the news and to serve a bit longer as a reference to our older discussions and topics.

These new boards offer many enhanced features that we have been waiting for from a BBS service. So run on over to our new Logan's Run forums and take it for a test drive! We hope to see everyone over there soon at our new Forum home (number 4 - but who's counting???) :)

12032004: has posted a terrific interview with Screenwriter/Director Dan Harris, who offers some great 'hints' of what we might expect from the upcoming Logan's Run film by Bryan Singer. Read all about it at our Logan's Run Remake page !

10162004: Singer grants an interview with Ain't It Cool News with some good updates on his latest Superman film and drops a few lines regarding his Logan's Run Remake to boot.

09062004: Ken K. has updated a couple of his original Logan 3-D art images. Check out his latest, awesome creations over at the Logan's Run 3D Cityscapes page

Also, sad news to report regarding the proposed Logan's Run video game... Check out our Remake News page for a quick update.

08122004: The Logan's Run remake is still ON HOLD for now, but Singer's still in charge (thankfully). Check out our Remake news page for a quick update!

07192004: The Logan's Run remake project has been placed ON HOLD and delayed again!!! Read all about it over at our Remake news page!

07122004: Lots of new and important remake gossip over at our Remake news page!

06162004: The Hollywood North Report has recently come out with more precise details on Production dates and the filming location for the remake. Visit our Logan's Run Remake page for the latest scoop!

06142004: A real Logan's Run video game in the works???? Check out our Logan's Run Remake page for the latest gossip!

Also, we've posted some more awesome fan-made Logan's Run 3D Graphics on our site, courtesy of Ken K.! Check out his terrific creations over at the Logan's Run 3D Cityscapes page . His custom images are simply amazing!!

05122004: Posted new remake rumor over at our Logan's Run Remake page!

03232004: Posted an interesting new rumor over at our Logan's Run Remake page!

03222004: We've finally received our copy of the Logan's Run TV Series CD and have posted our full review of it online at our Logan's Run: The Series CD page!

03152004: With the help from William F. Nolan, we have posted the full Hollywood Reporter article from their March 5, 2004 issue stating that Bryan Singer is indeed going to direct and co-write the new Logan's Run remake. Check out our Remake page to read Borys Kit's article in it's entirety!

03132004: The incredible folks over at Film Score Monthly have just released their new "Logans Run: TV Series Soundtrack" on CD this week. This is the first time that this soundtrack has ever been released in CD format (or any other format, for that matter) - so RUN right over there and buy yourself a copy.

We'll post a full review of it soon.

Also, be sure to keep checking back to our Logan's Run Mall page for all of the latest news on where to obtain the latest in Logan's Run merchandise.

Finally, we also posted another Logan's Run original song. This one comes to us from Adam Zen Bernstein and is set to the tune of "Band on the Run" by Paul McCartney and Wings. You can check it out over at our Original Songs page.

03102004: We've updated our Logan's Run BBS boards with a new look and feel. Would like to get some opinions on it. You can check out our new boards over at the Logan's Run Circuit BBS .

03082004: Exciting news everyone!! A Logan's Run remake rumor is no longer a rumor! It is now official and the Logan's Run remake project is finally on the Fast Track with pre-production already beginning!! Stop by our remake page for more on this terrific scoop!

01132004: More Logan's Run remake rumors have been added courtesy of the Ain't It Cool News website. Be sure to read about the latest remake gossip on our Logan's Run Remake page .

10062003: A new and exciting Logan's Run remake rumor has just been posted on our Remake page, thanks to a BBS post by Ralph Cole, sighting new gossip regarding the Logan's Run remake project from the Dark Horizons website . Be sure to read about it on our Logan's Run Remake page .

This is wonderful news, should it turn out to be true!! Will keep you posted.

01122003: Want to check out some more great 3D images of characters from the book Logan's Run, such as Lilith 4, Box, Sawyer and Doc and Holly? Then venture over to our Fan Contributions page to see some more great 3D images from Richard G.

Richard's got over 3500 Logan images he has rendered in 3D. He hopes to one day be able to showcase all of his wonderful Logan's Run renditions on the Internet some day. Now that would be another terrific Logan site to add to the already wonderful sampling that's currently available online!

12062002: Added Neil Strawbridge's wonderful Logan's Run TV Midi Theme to our sounds section of our TV page . Check out his wonderful rendition of the Logan's Run TV Theme in Midi format now! Visit his site at TV's Greatest Hits for more great themes! Thanks, Neil!

11112002: Updated our site with the new Logan's Run internet petition drive! Please be sure to add your name to this petition so that we can show Time/Warner that there is a demand for this classic cult TV series to be released on DVD.

You may sign the petition here: Release Logan's Run: The Series on DVD and we thank you for your assistance!

10082002: Small Update : Updated links at the City of Domes Mall !

03172002: Two more games have been added to our Logan's Run Gameroom !

My favorite puzzle as a kid was the 500 piece jigsaw put out by Box Office Hits of the Logan's Run Poster, as featured in our Toys section . I must have put this thing together 100 times and never got bored with it! Well, the day finally came when several pieces started to disappear, and that was the end of that.

But now we can relive the experience again! In cyberspace! Wahoo!

The Logan's Run Movie Poster jigsaw puzzle is back, and has been updated to the 21st Century. Special thanks to Jigzone for hosting our puzzles, now we can enjoy assembling the poster all over again!

We have the puzzle defaulted to 80 pieces (we feel that this is a fairly good challenge to start with). However, if you want an excruciatingly more challenging puzzle, you're free to select up to 247 triangular pieces!

A timer is included on the puzzle pages to track your score. How long will it take you to complete these puzzles?

Go ahead. Give them a try. You know you want to!

03082002: Just received my copy of Film Score Monthly's superb "Logan's Run" soundtrack in the mail. The entire product has been lovingly put together by people who definately know how to produce a classic Soundtrack album correctly! This disc is a definate MUST have!!

I've updated the Soundtracks' page to provide more information on this new, exciting and rare collectible.

02232002: Film Score Monthly has just released their recently announced Special Limited Edition Logan's Run Soundtrack on CD. It is selling at $19.95 (a STEAL for a soundtrack this complete!) and is available now for online ordering at the Film Score Monthly Secure Online Store .

Alot of Logan's Run fans have been waiting patiently for years for this awesome Soundtrack! There are many terrific musical pieces in the film "Logan's Run" that were never put on any of Logan's previous Soundtracks... until now!

Film Score Monthly Records has put together what is being called the Definitive Logan's Run soundtrack, presented complete for the first time ever. All of the tracks from the previously released soundtracks are included on this edition, along with 11 NEW, never before released tracks! Truly, a must have for Logan's Run fans and SciFi Soundtrack collectors everywhere!

Better act fast though! Film Score Monthly is limiting production of this CD to only 3,000 copies! Get yours today!!

01082002: I don't know about your local Blockbuster Video stores, but mine (as well as a majority of other's online) seem to be interested in only stocking the awful 'Pan and Scan - Full Frame' DVD's as of late. We've added a link on our main homepage (near the counter ticker) to the Internet petition to let Blockbuster and the entire film industry know that we will not tolerate this any longer!! I only use the Hollywood Video chain anymore! I still can not understand why people seem to prefer Pan and Scan over Widescreen (unless they have their DVD players hooked up to a 14" TV). But who in their right mind....????

Does anyone really prefer the Pan and Scan version of "Logan's Run" over the Widescreen version? Honestly.... Come on, now...

09202001: The "Logan's Run" parody that was featured in "Crazy Magine Issue #25" is now being showcased here at the World of Logan's Run website after being missing for over 13 years!

View this 'hystorically' funny parody called "Logun's Ruin" today, now housed at our new Parody page !

09202001: Again, we have updated our Mall page that provides a link to purchase William F. Nolan's latest collective anthology of his greatest short stories, "Dark Universe", available from Stealth Press.

Dark Universe is the definitive collection of Nolan's best short stories (from 1951 - 2001). Over 50 years of Nolan's best short fiction with more than 40 stories each with a newly written introductory note by the author as well as an introduction by Christopher Conlon! The book is currently available for ordering directly from the publisher. I have added the direct link below, as well as on our "Logan's Run Internet Store" page.

This collection looks fantastic! Also featured on Stealth Press's site is a 1996 interview with William F., as well as two short stories that are featured in Dark Universe for online reading ("Stoner") and .pdf download ("The Party").

Grab all these goodies today, while they are all currently available!

Then, be sure to order "Dark Universe" today, directly from Stealth Press!

My hats off to the "Stealth Press" for sharing all of this great information for us William F. Nolan fans!! Grab your copy of this terrific book today to add to your collection and get ready to read some terrific fiction from a master of terror and suspense!!!

09052001: Updated our Mall page to reflect the information that Tim Sinniger at his NolansWorld Site has kindly passed along to all Logan's fans. If you were able to get your copy of "Logan's Return" , consider yourself lucky! The novelette is now no longer available for purchase. As many of you are aware, purchasing and downloading the eBook was very difficult for many Logan fans. Hopefully, this story will find it's way to printed format someday soon.

The paperback books from VPG are also no longer being produced; however, a few copies remain for sale at eBooks2go. If you're not familiar with Logan in printed form, you better act quickly, or else it's off to the used book stores again! Word has it that once the new movie comes out, they may start up the presses again.

**Special Follower Prop Being Made**

Our resident Blaster expert, DavidT, has sent us some information regarding a line of custom-made Followers being produced in limited quantities by veteran Sci-Fi prop-maker Mark Worley.

These followers will be all Aluminum and will have electronics, such as the lighted dome and voice chip. This unique version of the prop will include a special 'slide-on' cover that will transform the follower into the two different versions that exist in the film (one being the version that has the main white screen when hanging on the belt, and then another screen with a visual effect in it when the slide attachment piece is on). With this attachment piece on, it will look just like his original Resin follower prop shown on the Laserdisc. A perfect addition to your John C. blaster and Logan wardrobe!

You may contact DaveT directly to get in on this deal or to inquire more about this opportunity at his email address . The price for these units will be US $275.00 (includes shipping within the US). There is an extra charge for shipping these overseas.

05192001 : New update to the Remake page regarding an article that has appeared in the most recent issue of Creative Screenwriting , featuring Skip Woods. (Special thanks to Tim Sinniger for this most recent update!)

05032001 : A brief update on the Remake page regarding Skip Woods' upcoming film, 'Swordfish'. Trailer now available at Dark Horizon's website.

Also added a terrific new link to the ever growing Logans Run list of links page. Be sure to visit Paul's terrific Logan's Run page featuring his vast collection of Logan costumes, props and collectibles, a Live Chatroom, interviews with the origianl cast and much, much more.

03282001: Finally got around to updating the Logan's Run Arcade Page .

We removed the gaming links that were posted here as I have had no time to update them and see which ones still worked and which ones didn't. So rather than worry about it anymore, I just had them removed and created the new Arcade page that is housed here now (to fit in with the rest of my Dome tour).

As a side note: to those visitors who weren't around at my site back then, it was here at Arcade (with all the gaming links) where my site officially began.

Also updated my Logan Links section to remove several dead links and updated it with new links for the Gregory Harrison Fan Site and a great new Jenny Agutter site, as well!

03192001: William F. Nolan has sent us a letter clarifying his position in regards to the upcoming remake as well as dispelling other rumors regarding certain Logan projects that have been in the works. Click here to view this latest remake news posted on our Remake News Page .

03082001: Posted the new The Logan's Run Remake Page to keep everyone up to date with Logan remake news. The remake is still moving forward at Warner Brothers, so as soon as we get new information, we will post it here!

03052001: Added links to join two terrific Logan's Run off-site discussion clubs on our Main Page . Be sure to especially sign up with the Email service to stay current with all the latest Logan news and discussions!

02052001: We were surprised to learn that another terrific Logan's Run story has appeared on the web, based on the LR TV series.

Be sure to read "Death Run " written by Jean Graham linked on our Logan's Run Stories page .

Also, added a few new captions to our Comic Captions page.

01152001: We've finally corrected our Guestbook problem and must start a new one. All files were lost because of a crash at their server location. So now I must start fresh again. If you get a chance, please stop by and sign the book again. Thanks.

We've added a banner to our TV page regarding the Urich Cancer Fund. Heather Menzies (who starred as Jessica on the TV show) and her husband, Robert Urich are heading this up and are offering a cool T-Shirt and autograph photo to those people able to make a contribution. Be sure to visit them at their site .

And this little tidbit from site contributor Ken Hay:

The latest Cinescape magazine (January/February 2001 issue) has a six page article in regards to why the Logan's Run television series did so poorly. The cover of the magazine showcases Anthony Hopkins as "Hannibal". It includes plenty of pictures from the series and anecdotes from William F Nolan, as well as Donald Moffat (REM). Be sure to check out your local bookstore to track down this latest Logan article! (It also has a great reprint interview that Stanley Kubrick did back in 1968 regarding the second best SciFi movie of all time - 2001: A Space Odyssey !!)

11052000: William F Nolan has sent us a new letter which clarifies and dispells some rumors regarding the original novel. Here's the letter's direct link .

Also, a couple of more Captions have been posted to our Comic Captions page.

08192000: A new letter from William F Nolan dated August 2000 has arrived in our mailroom and it's loaded with great new Logan's Run remake news and information!!! Visit our Logan's Run Mailroom to read this letter addressed to all Logan fans! I will not spoil anything about it here, so read it now!! Here's the letter's direct link . Things are looking great for Logan!!

07292000: The new book "Logan's Return" is now available for download! To order, visit our Logan's Run Internet Mall that will provide you with the working link to order this terrific addition to the Logan series!

Also, added a new link to our Links page of a brand new Logan's Run TV Series page recently discovered on the Web.

07252000: Updated our Internet Mall page. Be sure to check out our Logan's Run Internet Mall to get the latest information regarding the new Millennium releases of Logan's Run, Logan's World and Logan's Search (both in eBook and regular Paperback Editions).

Our Internet Mall page will serve as the main page for updates regarding the latest Logan's Run items available for sale over the internet. Make sure you check this page to stay on top of all the latest release dates for the latest Logan's Run merchandise.

07152000: Added a new Fan Contribution page. Be sure to check out Richard's 3D Graphics of Logan's world he's created. He's got some very nice exterior shots of 22nd Century Los Angeles as well as some nice interiors of New You and Logan's bachelor pad.

06202000: Updated our Soundtracks Page which now includes information regarding the just released soundtrack of Logan's Run's imaginary sequel "Logan's Sanctuary" .

06112000: We've added a 'hot' new piece of artwork to our Fan Contributions Page . Check out Gordon M's wonderful cigarbox etching of Jessica fleeing the City of Domes.

06082000: With all of the new Logan's Run merchandise coming out, we wanted to make it easier for everyone to locate these terrific new items for sale! Be sure to visit the City of Domes Internet Store today so you don't miss out on all the latest Logan memorabilia!

04222000: HOT REMAKE NEWS UPDATE!!!!!!

It was reported on 4/19/2000 by The Hollywood Reporter that writer/director Skip Woods (Director/Producer &Writer of the 1998 film "Thursday" ) is in talks with Warner Brothers to write and direct the LONG anticipated remake of Logan's Run !!!

You can check out this story by clinking on the REMAKE link at the bottom of this page which is always linked to the Coming Attractions Rumors page regarding the Logans Run remake, or click here to go the the SciFi Channel's Web Site where the news has also been reported (under the heading "Woods to Direct Logan's Run" !!

It looks like director Woods may be working with Joel Silver (producer of a small 1999 scifi movie called "The Matrix" ). ** Now that sounds like GREAT news....*** Stay tuned.... .

991117: The Official William F. Nolan Homepage has been added to our Links section . Be sure to check out his page and drop him a line. Also, a cool new Sandman D.S. Gun page link has been added to our Gun Page .

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