The New You #483

Specialists in Body Reconstruction

When it's time to get that change you've always wanted (new eye color, new hair, new face), you've come to the right place! Welcome to New You #483. I'm your friendly receptionist, Holly 13.

Here at New You, we use the latest in Laser Technology to rebuild that face you've always wanted. Getting wrinkles under your eyes? No problem. Getting grey hairs on your head? Don't worry. Wanna look like a Green again? Come on by!

This is the Aesculaptor Mark III, it's completely self-contained. Designed primarily with your safety and comfort in mind. Watch now....

This machine is the latest in servo-surgical design. It has a tilt bed, and cryojector services imbedded in the platform. The Mark III's laser heads are integrated in the whole cocoon, swiveled and gimbaled so as to be able to focus any of the surgical beams in microscopic delicacy or wide-bladed scraping on the subject.

The main improvement over the Mark II unit, is that the Mark III now has the patented 'Instant Healing' technology built in - perfect for all you 'it's gonna hurt' types. This sets New You #483 apart from our competition. You literally will not feel a thing. No more waiting for weeks with bandages wrapped around your head. This technology removes scars, blemishes, and other unsightly's instantly, with the touch of a button.

Just come on by for a FREE* demonstration. That's a promise!

You're in good hands with Doc. Tell him you want Dark hair!

Just watch out for his Popsickle!

Doc demonstrating his latest invention, the Popsickle!

New You #483
2nd Level Arcade, just past the Love Shop

* Free Demonstration only available for Red 4's and up.

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