From William F. Nolan

February 6 2008

Today I spoke with a producer at Silver Pictures. He is part of the production team that is responsible for the remake of Logan's Run.

He told me that the writer's strike in Hollywood had slowed production of 'Run' since the screenplay needed revision and was "in limbo" due to the strike. As soon as a final script is revised and okayed, the actual shooting will begin. Perhaps by the end of '08, but more likely in '09.

The picture will be "a big one". No cast yet. By the fall of this year, he said, there would be "hard news" as to the film's production.

I told him that I wanted to be part of the crew, to write a book, 'Running with Logan: A Production Journal'. He seemed to like this idea but told me there was no use discussing such a project until the fall of '08 when the production would come into focus.

So... LOGAN is still "on track" but not yet ready for the camera. It's been a long haul, with many setbacks, but the end is in sight, and Logan will run again!

Frustrating, yes, but worth the long wait.

W.F. Nolan

Bend, Oregon

February 6, 2008

Copyright 2008 - William F. Nolan. Used with permission

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