The Logan's Run Parody

A Logan's Run parody entitled "Logun's Ruin" appeared in the May 1977 issue of Crazy Magazine (Issue #25).

Crazy was a parody magazine along the lines of "Mad Magazine" from the 70's and 80's, and was published by Marvel Comics.

Like "Mad Magazine", an issue of Crazy would usually parody a recent movie, a popular television series, and some type of current event.

This particular issue of Crazy featured a parody of the TV series "Alice" (their version called "Malice"), and included a brief section on then-President Jimmy Carter. The highlight of this particular issue comes at the end of the mag - a parody of the movie "Logan's Run" they call "Logun's Ruin".

This particular Logan parody was written by Tom DeFalco and Walter Brogan circa 1977.

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