Logan's Run Original Props and Jewelry

The Sandman "Follower"

The "Follower" is a device used by Sandmen that follows and 'tracks' Runners on Last Day.

The blinking lifeclock in the Runner's hand transmits information about the Runner into this handheld device. This device is extremely useful when hunting a Runner. Not only can it pinpoint his location, it can also alert the Sandman of a Runner's possible change of identity, from a quick visit at New You!

As the Runner is trying to run for his life, he is unaware that his movements are being tracked easily by his executioner!

Finally, this device can also act as a communications link between the Sandman and the Main Computer. Upon terminating the Runner, the Sandman speaks into the Follower and records the time of the 'kill' and may also request any additional information regarding the Runner. The Sandman must also state that their kill is now, "Ready for Cleanup!"

The Follower pictured above is one that was made out of wood. It was featured in the movie.

Here is a fan-made version of the Sandman Follower (left), next to the wooden one:

For more information on the Fan-Made Follower, click here .

To see a shot of the Follower from various angles, click here.

Original "Follower" Props presently owned by Paul C.

The Sandman Beltclip

Here is the Sandman Beltclip that was used in the movie that clipped to the Sandman belt and could carry the Sandman Blaster. It was custom made for MGM studios for the filming of the Logan's Run movie. This is a genuine movie prop used during filming and contracted for by MGM. Again, this piece is currently the property of Paul C.


These crystals are placed in every 23rd Century citizen's left hand at birth. Their main purpose: to track that person's age and alert the Main Computer when that person's time is up!

Below is the 'Original' plan for the movie to follow when showing a character's age (it's just sometimes, the dialogue in the movie contradicts it every once in awhile). So if you can just overlook that small technicality, here are the age groups:

Clear (White) : Birth - 8 Years Old.
Yellow : 8 Years - 16 Years Old.
Green : 16 Years - 23 Years Old.
Red : 23 Years - 30 Years Old.
Blinking : 1 week before you turn 30.
Black: ....Last Day/Death.....

(Black was shown in the cut Francis7 Hunt Scene at the beginning of the film but was later cut to begin the film on a more up beat note. The runner Francis killed in this scene was shown with a Black crystal after his fall in the fountain.)

The black crystals are still shown in the movie. You can see these rare gems in the Ice Cavern scene with Box and the runners!

To see some custom-made Lifeclocks, check out this page .


Jewelry adorns many of the citizens of the 23rd Century, not only to enhance the person's own personal appearance, but certain jewelry plays a big part in the very plot of the movie!

This original choker was worn by an actor in the movie, "Logan's Run." Jenny Agutter's character, Jessica, wears a similar piece throughout the film until she and Logan come to the last gate of their 'Run'. The gate signals the two runners to use their key (the ankh piece of the collar) in order to proceed.

Below is an Ankh 'key' that was used in the movie:

Below are a few more samples of original "Logan's Run" jewelry props that were used in the film.

Original "Logan's Run Jewelry" presently owned by Paul C.

Special thanks to Paul C. for the use of his pictures on this page!

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