Logan's Run Notes and Transcript

The Map of the Domes

Joe Rauner has written a very thorough Logan's Run Transcript to share with other fans of the classic film. His transcript contains all of the film's spoken dialogue broken down into specific 'ordered' sections by number.

Also posted here is his detailed Logan's Run Notes paper that compares the Goodman script (actual movie screenwriter) and the original Nolan/Johnson script to the final cut of the film (complete with cuts, goofs etc). Very well thought-out and detailed comparisons for all to enjoy!

These writings require that the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader be installed already on your Computer in order to view or print them. Click here to download the Adobe Reader software FREE if you don't have it yet!

Logan's Run Transcript in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf format) (Updated 10/31/2000) (63k)

Logan's Run Notes in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf format) (Updated 01/22/2007) (304k)

Above writings posted here with author's permission. Thanks, Joe!

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