Singer chases 'Logan's Run' for Warners

Source: The Hollywood Reporter - March 5, 2004

Bryan Singer

The Hollywood Reporter recently printed an article in their March 5, 2004 issue confirming that Bryan Singer is indeed going to develop and direct the "Logan's Run" remake for Warner Brothers Pictures, with Joel Silver producing.

Logan's Run was originally a novel published back in 1967 and was written by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson. The book emphasized a youth-obseesed culture, who's citizen's were put to death at the age of 21. Logan is a police officer in this world, who's job it is to hunt down those who choose to run from their fate. And as Logan's 21st birthday approaches, he decides to seek out the 'mythical' place called Sanctuary and destroy it, along the runners who were able to find it, thus giving meaning to his own short-lived life as a DeepSleep officer. That is his plan - that is until a certain woman enters his life.

The book was turned into a film before in 1976, with Michael York in the main role of Logan, but in this version, the age of termination was changed to 30. The following year, it was made into a short-lived television series, with Gregory Harrison in the title role.

Joel Silver had been working on this Warner property for the past couple of years, trying to locate just the right director for the project.

"Bryan is going back to the original material," Silver told The Hollywood Reporter . "He is such a magical guy, and he has reinvented this thing. He has re-envisioned the story and the characters and will tackle themes of what it's like to grow up and grow old."

Film writers Paul Todisco and Ethan Gross (along with Singer) will all be contributing to the screenplay.

"It's going to be about two best friends who ultimately take different paths because of ideaology, circumstances and a woman who comes between them," Singer tells The Hollywood Reporter and added that in his new version, he may set the age of euthanasia somewhere from 21-30.

"My father took me to see the film, and at the time, it was dazzling and evocative," he continues. "It was also the first time I had seen onscreen nudity. I remember being stunned."

Singer plans on finishing this "Logan" project before he tackles his third "X-Men" film. He also is helping to write an X-Men comic for Marvel Comics, titled "Bryan Singer Presents: Ultimate X-Men."

Some of Singer's other movie credits include "Apt Pupil" and the critically acclaimed "The Usual Suspects."

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