Logan's Return

The first new Logan adventure in two decades

Written by: William F. Nolan

The dream was extremely vivid.

Logan was in the Los Angeles Complex, wearing the char-black Deep Sleep uniform of a Sandman, Gun in hand, his eyes alert for the runner named Rand 7 who had fled into the rainbow-dazzle of Arcade. Somehow Rand had obtained a Muscle pad from a cub, and when he inhaled the potent drug Logan had been unable to get a target fix. Suddenly, Rand was a blur of color, his incredibly swift body movements keeping him out of Gun range. But eventually, Logan knew, the drug would wear off. When it did, he would be in for the kill.

The kill...

Logan shifted uneasily in his sleep. Sweat pearled his upper lip. His heartbeat, keeping pace with the action in his dream, was erratic. He had long since given up the hunt, put away the Gun, discarded the hated black DS uniform. Killing others was a perversion dictated by a past life he now bitterly regretted.

The Thinker had been destroyed; the great computer no longer ruled the world, demanding early death from its citizens. Sandmen no longer pursued rebels who chose to run for a life beyond their twenty-first year. It was all part of a dark past Logan had rejected. Yet here he was, Gun poised ready to kill again.


The dream intensified.

Don’t question duty. You are a crack Sandman with a top killscore. Rand is a shameful coward, a traitor to society, running from Sleep. He must be terminated.

Logan tracked Rand’s progress into the glittering heart of Arcade. He cut smoothly through the crowd of pleasure seekers, staying close to his prey, awaiting the chance to kill.

Rand was passing a gamegallery when the acceleration drug dissipated, leaving the runner vulnerable to Logan’s Gun.

Fear and panic from Rand. Desperately, he darted into the gallery, taking his pursuer by surprise. Figured he’d head for a dropchute, thought Logan. Maybe try for a lower level.

An easy termination. There was no way Rand could survive in a gallery. The hunt had ended. Logan stepped through a sway of beaded flocurtain as he brought up the Gun. Soon now. Very soon.

Rand had plunged into a mirror maze, his reflected figure thrown back from a thousand shining surfaces.

Logan adjusted the Gun. The dizzy array of multiple images would be no impediment to a homer, which was able track the rebel’s body heat.

Go on, run! smiled Logan. Keep running. You’re finished, Rand. The homer will find you, rip and unravel you, and tear out your nervous system. There’s no escape from a homer.

Logan triggered the Gun.

"No! No!"

He awoke abruptly. Jessica was cradling him, rocking his trembling body against her breasts, deep concern in her eyes. She eased back and pressed gentle hands to each side of his sweating face.

"It’s all right, Logan."

"I’ve killed again," he moaned, breathing raggedly.

"Not true," she said. "It was only a dream. You’ve hurt no one."

"It was so real," he said. "I was in Arcade, tracking a runner named Rand, and I had the Gun, and I –"

She put a finger to his lips. "Don’t! You’re not a Sandman anymore. You’re a good man, a loving husband and father. The killing is over."

Logan shook his head. "How could I have a nightmare like this? After the hypno tapes?"

"I don’t know," Jess answered. "Your dream stats are in perfect sync. This shouldn’t be possible."

"It’s a sign," he said darkly. "Something’s going to happen. I’ll have to do it again."

"Do what again?"

He looked at her steadily as he drew in a long breath. "Kill," he said. "I’m going to have to kill again."

To Be Continued....

Copyright 2000 - William F. Nolan. Used with permission

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Well, there you have it, the opening of the new Logan adventure.

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