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Back in 1976, one year before the world would discover Star Wars, a classic Science Fiction film was released. It was called:

Logan's Run

It took audiences on a journey into time, a journey to the 23rd Century. But this Science Fiction movie was different from what came before and what would come after. For this Sci-Fi movie was not about aliens invading the Earth. Nor was it about humans going to other planets.

This film was about the consequences that future generations would have to face if over-population, pollution and war got out of hand.

In the 23rd Century, there is a city encased in a great dome. Inside lives a race of "computer-breeded" humans who live only for pleasure. Outside lies the forgotten Earth.

Within the domed city, hallucinatory drugs are free and legal, sex is openly sought after and highly encouraged amongst its citizens (Free-Love at it's best!), and everyone has all of their everyday survival needs taken care of by the computers. Yes, this city of the future is a virtual Garden of Eden, a perfect world of total pleasure and fun ... the ultimate utopian society!!

There's just one catch....

When you turn 30 years old, you must be executed, to make way for the next generation!!

Of course, the computer that runs the city doesn't tell its citizens that. It convinces its people that through the deadly ritual of Carrousel, they will be reborn and live out another fun and pleasureful 30 years. (But in truth, it really is mass execution.)

To make matters worse, it uses Sandmen (a type of futuristic police force) to seek out and destroy anyone who 'runs' away from Carrousel. These misfits are therefore called 'Runners' and are promptly hunted down and killed.

How does the computer know when your time's up?

Upon birth, a baby is given a lifeclock which is embedded in the palm of it's left hand. It starts out clear, then changes color with age (yellow for kids, then green for teenagers, then red for 'young' adults). Each citizen also wears clothing to match their age and crystal. Upon reaching their 30th birthday, the crystal begins to blink. The computer is alerted and the Sandmen are dispatched.

Logan's Run

Logan 5 is a Sandman, part of the computer's Killing machine. He's been terminating Runners for awhile, along with his friend Francis 7. The two of them enjoy the 'hunt', and even get a kick out of teasing their prey before executing them, for they think they are doing the right thing: keeping their world in a constant equilibrium, and thereby protecting their society.

However, shortly into the movie, the computer calls Logan in for a special assignment. There seems to be 1,056 Runners who are unaccounted for. The computer suspects that these Runners have found "Sanctuary", a pre-catastrophe codeword meaning a place of immunity from execution, a place where Runners can live past thirty.

The computer tells Logan that he must become a Runner himself, and locate the unaccounted Runners, and destroy them. The computer causes his lifeclock to blink (losing the 4 years he had left to live) and immediately, it's his turn to run. And to make matters worse, he is to do it alone.

Now, this Sandman becomes the hunted. With Francis 7 and fellow Sandmen hot on his trail, who can Logan turn to for help?

Other Logan's Run Links

Logan's Run websites are finally beginning to pop up more and more on the Web, now that the new movie is slowly becoming reality and William F. Nolan is releasing new editions of his Logan trilogy and new novelette "Logan's Return."

Back in 1975 and '76 the film cost about $9 million to make (alot of $$$ for a film to cost back then) and took in over $50 million world-wide. A nice little profit for MGM -- too bad they didn't know about something called Movie Merchandising and remakes. Oh well, we can only ask ourselves, "What if ???"

Anyway, here are a few good, useful links we've found on the Net concerning Logan's Run. They should be able to provide answers to any remaining questions you may have on the Logan's Run phenomenon!

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