Welcome to Sandman Headquarters

Please enjoy your stay!

DS Background

The Fraternal Order of Sandmen Headquarters is located on Nolan Street in the heart of the Dome. This 37 floor facility houses the latest in Anti-Runner Technology. Our state-of-the-art computers and weaponry ensure that when you reach your 30th birthday, we will find you.

Our Mission Statement is clear:


For as long as we've been in existence, we are proud to report that every single Runner, has been accounted for and destroyed. Our proven track record has earned us the respect of our loyal citizens and the countless awards and merits we have been bestowed upon by Mother Computer.

We must preserve the delicate balance of our population and remember, that when one is terminated, another is born. Simple.... Logical.... Perfect.....

Our Thoughts On Running

When a person reaches their 30th birthday, and the crystal lifeclock in the palm of their hand begins to blink red then black, red then black, their time in our world has expired.

The person then has only one option - to try like hell for renewal on Carrousel.

However, if you're one of the misfits, who seem to believe that you can actually live past thiry and decide to Run, that's where we come in. We will seek out and destroy all Runners. The only true way to live to be 31 is Carrousel. It is a test that many have passed, and you can too!

As we have stated above, ALL RUNNERS WILL BE TERMINATED!

After Termination

Upon terminating a runner, the sandman radios headquarters via his Follower to request that a 'clean-up' crew be dispatched to remove the body. "Stickmen", as they are so called because of the stick-like craft they fly, arrive within seconds of the runner's termination. They float over the dead runner, spraying a chemical over the body that immediately causes the corpse to dissolve and evaporate. Within seconds, the body has completely disappeared, leaving no trace of the runner who once was.

One of our many wonderful Stickmen preparing for Clean Up!! So long, Runner!

Stickmen are based on Clayton Johnson Blvd, just on the other side of Arcade. It is at this location that provides them with the fastest access to ALL parts of the Dome - so you don't have to wait very long until our excellent clean-up staff are dispatched to rid the city of the dead runner scum!

After the runner's demise, each Sandman must undergo a long and rigorous interrogation by Mother Computer. This is to ensure that the entire termination process was complete, accurate, and clean.

The Runner is listed officially as Terminated, his/her belongings are destroyed and the soul of the runner is erased forever. As we all know, Runners never Renew.

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