"Logan's Sanctuary"

Music Composed and Performed by Roger Joseph Manning Jr. and Brian Reitzell

Released June 13th, 2000 by Emperor Norton Records (#EMN-7031)

Now here's an interesting find. A Soundtrack Album that dares ask the question, "What if a movie sequel to "Logan's Run" was released? What might have it been called, what might have it been about, and what would the music sound like?"

Well to answer those questions, composers Roger Joseph Manning Jr and Brian Reitzell have created "Logan's Sanctuary," an Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to a never created sequel of "Logan's Run."

Roger Manning is a founding member of the recent group Jellyfish and is currently recording and touring with Beck . Brian Reitzell recently recorded the "Virgin Suicides" film score with Air (French Band) and spent seven years behind the drums with legendary punk/pop band Redd Kross .

The soundtrack features wild electronic synthesized music (with touches of 70's pop and funk) that is reminiscent of the music at the time. The composers actually used authentic 70's instruments to be as faithful to the era as possible.

The linear notes describe a sequel that could have been, but not at all based on William F. Nolan's actual Logan sequels. Even so, this story sounds interesting none-the-less.

"Logan's Sanctuary" deals with the survivors of the Domed City finding Sanctuary, who later discover a horrifying and deadly secret. The computers that controlled the city had secretly implanted a deadly biotech agent in all of the city's inhabitants at birth (a sort of fail-safe precaution for those who may have been successful in escaping the Sandmen and the City of Domes). This 'disease' would prove fatal when the person turned 40.

The film would have Logan turning deathly ill. It's up to another former Sandman named Ian to search for an antidote to save both Logan and Sanctuary. Ian's search leads him to the islands of Metropia, where he meets up with a sinister drug pusher named Cobol and a beautiful Robo-Sex machine operator named Lara.

Will Ian be able to escape from the clutches of the insane Cobol and the mind altering drug, Raynbo? Will Lara be able to assist this ex-Sandman in escaping Metropia and defeating the Center of Machine Activity (COMA)? Will the survivors of the City of Domes and Sanctuary find a cure for the disease that lays dormant in their bodies, ready to destory them when they turn 40.

The answers to these questions are out there, but like the little kid who asked the old wise owl in the tree, "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?"

The world may never know....

The cuts:

1. Islands in the Sky (2:37) A strong electronic melody punctuates this arrangement. I can't help but be transported back to the 70's TV CBS Saturday Night Mysteries, especially to the theme of "McMillan & Wife", if any of you remember that great 70's series and theme.

2. Search for Tomorrow (5:11) Has a definate 70's pop sound - kinda like a spin on Tom Jones, but still manages to have it's own distinct sound. The only cut on the album with vocals.

3. The Game (4:22) The Game is a futuristic version of Russian Roulette. It seems that Ian must endure a session of this form of computer 'entertainment' if he is to acquire the antidote to save the people of Sanctuary. A latin beat accents this enjoyable synthesized piece.

4. Lara's Rainbow (5:06) Slow and haunting electronic piece of the even more mysterious Lara, operator of the Robo-Sex machines of Pleasure Dome 12.

5. Metropia (5:54) Shaft, eat your heart out! This one reminds me of the theme of those cop shows from the 70's, such as 'S.W.A.T.' and 'CHiPS'. Strong disco/funk beat highlights this wild arrangement. Metropia is where Ian travels to search for a cure to the disease that is killing Sanctuary's inhabitants. But is also the home of Cobol, the diabolical drug traffiker who enlists the services of Ian and gets him hooked on the powerful narcotic 'Raynbo'.

6. Pleasure Dome 12 (4:45) Nice piece that features Donna Summer's twin from "Love to Love You, Baby" at the end. Pleasure Dome 12 is the place in Metropia where Ian encounters Robo-Sex and Lara.

7. Ian's Orbit (5:58) A strong drum beat punctuates this cool theme - with just a touch of a "Son of a Preacher Man" sound to it, accented with more electronic instruments. Nice.

8. Escape (3:24) Ian and Lara's escape music with what sounds like a synthesized siren quietly wailing in the background, with strong drum beats chasing the runners.

9. Endless Tunnels (6:08) Cautious piece following Ian and Lara trek through the tunnels of Metropia. Again, a steady funk sound highlights this piece, as electronic synths come into play..

10. The Silver Garden (5:38) Where's Bo Derek when you need her? A 'bolero' type of composition rounds out this interesting soundtrack album of a movie that never was, but could have been.

Overall, a very original and fun album. Sure, no one will ever outdo the master Jerry Goldsmith and the real Logan's Run soundtrack, but Manning and Reitzell have done a terrific job of recreating the 70's sound with their compositions on this CD.

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