Logan's Run Original Stories

Listed below are some great, original Logans Run tales written by the pros and some by fans just like you! If you've written anything "Logan's Run" related and would like to share it with other fans, email it to us for posting here.

All stories are property of their rightful authors and are posted here for entertainment purposes only.

"Alone" by Jacquelyn Taylor A wonderful short story that follows Francis7's first steps outside the City of Domes (after Box), in pursuit of Logan and Jessica. (This story is actually posted on another Web Site - this is actually a link to it.)

"Logan's Return" by William F. Nolan William F Nolan's latest Logan adventure (his first after 20 years) tells the story of Logan and Jessica after their adventures of the first three books. (This is the first chapter available for reading online.)

"The Thunder Gods" by William F. Nolan and Dennis Etchison A short teleplay treatment that was written for the Logan's Run TV series, but was never filmed.

"Death Run" by Jean Graham Special thanks to Mark T. for finding this wonderful story based on the Logan's Run TV show! A great read! (currently unavailable)

"The Everywhere Machine" by Chip Bell based on the Logan's Run TV series.

"The Transhumanist" by Chip Bell . Another one by Chip, again based on the Logans Run TV series.

"New City" by Chip Bell . Chip offers us another cool Logan TV story.

More to come...

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