Arcade Talk 1

28 ARCADE - ANOTHER ANGLE - LOVE SHOP Signs promising LOVE, FULFILLMENT, RARE DELIGHTS. People streaming in and out. A woman comes out looking glazed, breathing"yes...yes..." As she passes CAMERA Logan and Francis emerge from the crowd and CAMERA moves with them.

LOGAN Did you ever see Francis-8?

FRANCIS (shaking his head) I never even visited Nursery before tonight. (beat) When you wonder, it slows you up -- you know?

They are now passing the facade of HALLUCIMILL where the signs promise: LIFT OFF, CRAZY LIFT, SUPER the people going in are simply excited but the ones coming out are clearly stoned out of their minds...

FRANCIS I don't know what makes you so curious. You have any idea who his seed-mother was?

LOGAN (quickly) Of course not! I m curious, not sick. (laughs)

The crowd is growing denser, funneling into a kind of passageway. Logan and Francis are swallowed up in the group.

29 FULL SHOT - ARCADE GREAT HALL An immense room into which the streams of people coming from the entertainment area are mingling. There is a general air of anticipation stirring the crowd as CAMERA singles out Logan and Francis entering, waving to friends. CAMERA closes in on them just as they reach a beautiful woman who is obviously pleased to see Francis. They embrace, and as they break:

FRANCIS and that's my friend, Logan. (as she acknowledges the introduction) We're celebrating his next in line. Carousel - Arcade - who knows? Want to come along?

WOMAN (smiles, shakes her head) Only if I make it to the top of Carousel. (she holds up her hand) Thirty -- and the big spin.

In her palm the crystal blinks, red , black. Francis nods, gives her a half-squeeze.

FRANCIS You're thirty -- already? I always thought I was older than you - (beat) Well, give it a good try.

WOMAN (pleasantly) You know I always have.

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