Arcade Talk 2

Another beautiful WOMAN joins them.

2ND WOMAN (to the first) Sorry I won't be at Carousel tonight. It's my Love-Shop turn.

WOMAN That's all right. Happy turn.

2ND WOMAN You'll renew. I've got a feeling.

WOMAN (smiles) So do I...but if I don't at least I'll have the ultimate thrill. I'd almost rather have that than renew.

2ND WOMAN I feel the same way. Sometimes I think I'm not even going to try and renew when my time comes. But -- that's three years away. So long. The 2nd Woman walks away.

FRANCIS (after a beat; to first Woman) It's been nice.

WOMAN Um-huh. They look briefly and then she turns away. Francis takes Logan's armand they move off.

FRANCIS I guess you never had her? Logan shakes his head. You missed something special.

LOGAN can't have them all. LOGAN AND FRANCIS (laugh together, it's an old joke) But you can try.

They laugh, but the laughter is broken as a trio of youngsters,moving with erratic speed of lightning, smashes between them, almost knocking Francis over. He reels, Logan catches him and they recover in time to see the trio rip wildly through the crowd, knocking people down, screaming with shrill joy as they disappear.

FRANCIS The damned Yellows are getting out of hand. Those three ought to be in Cathedral. No business scrambling in Arcade...

LOGAN (laughs cuffs Francis' arm) What an old, old man you're getting to be, Francis. Weren't you ever a Yellow? I bet you were even wilder than - (he breaks off as the lights in the Great Hall dim) -- come on, Sandman.

The two of them start to move to the far end of the Great Hall.

End Scene

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