The World of Logan's Run - Windows 95/98 Theme!

Welcome to the Official Home of the First-Ever Logan's Run Windows 95/98 Desktop Theme!

To be able to use this theme, you must have either Microsoft Plus or one of the many shareware Theme managers already installed on your computer, and be running Windows 95 or 98. If you do not yet have a theme manager installed, click here to try one out. It's called "Desktop Themes" and works pretty well.

This theme was created for High Color (16 bit) and above. This theme looks best at 800x600 in 16.7 million colors.

Included in the theme are Logan's Run icons, cursors, wallpaper, and sounds! Sorry, no screen-saver yet. This theme centers around the Sandman's point-of-view. Be the first on your block to have the Premiere Logan's Run Movie Theme!!

So what are you waiting for.... Download it Today!! A must for any true Logan fan!!

the Logan's Run 98 Theme here! (Theme v1.01 (516k) - posted July 5, 1998.)

Theme is in .ZIP format. You will need an extractor, such as Winzip to extract the files. Click here to download WinZip for Free!

To install the theme if you're using MS Plus, extract it's files (using Winzip) into your Themes directory (normally, C:\Program Files\Plus!\Themes). Then just open up Control Panel (click Start/Settings/Control Panel), double click on Desktop Themes, and select Logan's Run 98!!

If you're using one of the many Theme Shareware packages, consult that particular package's documentation (directions may differ).

The Logan's Run 98 Theme has been tested as being compatable with Microsoft Plus for Win95 and the Shareware "Desktop Themes" package.


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