The Toys of Logan's Run

Logan 5 TV Action Figure

Mego Toys, a large toy/action figure maker from the 70's and 80's, was about to release some 9" action figures from the TV series "Logan's Run" in 1977. They actually had some prototypes done (see below). However, by that time, the TV series ratings were at an all time low and cancellation was inevitable. The Logan's Run phenomena was beginning to fade away...

**Recently rediscovered!!!**

Check out Mego Museum to see the actual Francis7 and REM MEGO prototypes . Check out that awesome looking claw arm of REM's! Again, these figures were scheduled for production, but with the television series being cancelled, the projects were abandoned.

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Although Mego never did release their Logan action figures because of what was happening to the film and series, a new Internet project was recently started on 3/15/2001 to produce a limited number of sculpted Logan TV heads and weaponry. Check out this terrific site for the latest news and updates on how to get yours!

The Logan figure pictured above is actually a fan-made figure , complete with a custom-made back card for display. This is how the Mego doll might have looked if Mego had ever gotten around to releasing it!

The Logan figure above is actually Luke Duke from "The Dukes of Hazard"! He was chosen to be used due to a close resemblence of Gregory Harrison (Logan5 from the TV Series "Logan's Run"). He was touched up a bit using Milliput, a plastic used for sculpting. More hair and some sideburns were added to complete the figure. The face was then primed with "Folkart" acrylic.

The Blaster was also made from the Milliput and the outfit was a custom made job using black spandex and felt. We are confident that if this figure was ever released, this is how the Logan figure would've looked! It does look fantastic!!

Logan 5 Movie Model Kit

Pictured above is a scan of the limited edition resin kit of Logan5 produced by Anubis Productions of Mesa, Arizona. The model is about 9.5" tall and very nicely detailed. The original sculptor was 'Raven Hood'. The one shown above was made up by a guy called 'Stephen "Billy" Cross'. It came in 4 parts plus a base and spare gun, the model No. is A9303. Anubis, unfortunately, is no longer in operation.

Model presently owned by P. Jones. Used with permission.

Logan's Run Puzzle

Another toy that was released to the general public and fans of the movie was the Official Logan's Run 500-piece Movie Poster Puzzle.

To give you a sense of the fun that was putting this puzzle together, be sure to visit our Logan's Run Gameroom and assemble it now, online! Don't worry... all our pieces are there!

And that's basically it for the Toys. Again, MGM needed to be a bit faster in licensing this stuff out, so at least the figures could have seen the light of day! MGM definately could have used some pointers from Lucas regarding movie merchandising!

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