Fan Made Logan's Run Videos

With the advent of YouTube and the enormous popularity of the site with thousands upon thousands of great new original videos appearing on it frequently, we've decide to post some of the best original "Logan's Run" related videos here.

Check out Rob N's Logans Run/Zardoz video mashup here . This video compares "Logan's Run" to the 1974 Sean Connery film "Zardoz".

The next video is a Music Video using scenes from the Logan's Run film, set to Manfred Mann's classic 80s tune "Runner". Check out this Logans Run Music Video today!

Palmetto EFX has posted a great video of their own custom Logans Run gun ! Whoever got in the last batch have got a great custom made working movie replica.

What if Leslie Gore was born in the 23rd Century? You may not want to see this one.... you've been warned !

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