William F Nolan Interview - August 26, 2005

William F. Nolan with Barney Oldfield's Racing Car #999

"The World of Logan's Run" (WOLR) recently caught up with Logan's Run co-author William F. Nolan, who was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule and answer a few questions that our visitors had sent in!!

WOLR: Hello Mr. Nolan! We hope everything is well with you.

WFN: Good to hear from everyone! Me, I'm fine. Ten months here in Oregon and I'll be here for at least another year. Maybe longer.

WOLR: Can you please update us with what brought you to Oregon?

WFN: Well, I moved to Oregon to escape the urban pressures of big-city life in L.A. I've wanted to write the life story of "Max Brand" (real name was Frederick Faust) ever since I moved from Missouri to L.A. decades ago! He wrote Destry Rides Again and the "Dr. Kildare" books and movies. In Bend, with the peace and quiet of an Oregon setting, I have been able not only to write this book ( King of the Pulps: The Man Who Was Max Brand ) , at 450 typed pages, but also wrote a second book on writing and selling fiction called Let's Get Creative! It will be out from Quill Driver Books in California next Spring (2006). I used the book as a basis of a course in creative writing that I conducted this summer at Central Oregon Community College. I will be teaching another creative writing class there in October.

So the ten months I've been here have resulted in two new books, new short stories, a poem and some non-fiction. Bend has proven to be a great place for me to write.

WOLR: Do you have any news on current projects (non-Logan related) that you are working on and that you would like to let us know about, so we can keep an eye out for them?

WFN: Well, I've just mentioned my two latest books, but I have others that are completed and ready to be published: I'll Met By Moonlight , from another small press - Hellbound Books ... that should be published very soon. It's a special book in that it has fiction, verse and a long section of my art! I began as a commercial artist at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City and attended the Kansas City Art Institute. I've done the cover art on about a dozen of my 80-plus books, including the I'll Met... cover. So watch for this one!

Then I have DEMON! , a short horror novel, coming out from another small press, Bear Manor Media in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania. This is due out later this year (2005).

Then there's my Ships in the Night , a new collection recently published by Capra Press in Santa Barbara, CA [ISBN#1-59266-020-7]. Ships has my best short fiction collected in it (a trade paperback, selling for $18.00). I'm really proud of this one.

King of the Pulps is not ready for submission yet (as I have to do another draft) so it won't be out for quite some time.

WOLR: There was a rumor a few months back that you were considering writing a new Logan's Run story. Is this true? If so, what can you tell us about it? Also, we heard that you might try to hook up with Bryan Singer to chronicle the making of the new Logan's Run movie.

WFN: Yes, I do intend to write more about Logan - possibly FOUR more books!! One would be non-fiction, and be done in collaboration with the director of the remake of Logan's Run (due to start production, finally!!, in 2006). But I have not yet set up this deal. The book would be called Running with Logan: The Film Director's Journal , by Bryan Singer and William F. Nolan. But, as I say, I have NOT yet worked this out. I need to contact Singer and see if he wants to do such a book.

Then, I have plotted THREE more Logan novels, all prequels , leading up to Logan's Run - but they are awaiting the remake in order to be put on the market by my New York agent. If and when the trilogy sells, I'll begin writing them. I'll have to wait for Warner Brothers to begin production - and that's another year away.

WOLR: Do you have any update on the Logan's Run remake that you could share with us?

WFN: No for the news beyond the fact that I've been told by one of Singer's people the he will direct the film in 2006. He has a screenplay (that I had nothing to do with) and has had the Warner Brothers art department design the "future" look needed for the picture. As I learn more, you fans will be informed. I hope to travel with the company and be on hand for the shoot in Canada (?) next year.

WOLR: Do you ever make appearances on the East Coast? If so, do you plan on doing any traveling there soon? We'd love to see you near the Atlantic shore one day!!

WFN: I'll be happy to fly East and do a lecture and signing, but my expenses must be paid before I do - and, so far, no plans for a trip East are underway. I've been to New York several times, but not recently. If any of you fans can set up an all-expense paid trip back there, I'm your man (at a college or whatever)!

WOLR: Being an avid automobile man with a strong passion for racing, what kind of car do you currently drive? Are you a fan of Nascar?

WFN: I drive a classic 280 Mercedes-Benz sedan at present. A great car! I prefer European cars to U.S. makes, as the quality is much higher (IMO). The Mercedes is built like a rock, and is truly a beautiful machine. I follow Nascar on TV, but have not been to any of the races.

I have two of my auto-racing books currently in print: Barney Oldfield , the only bio ever done on the great American dirt-track champion (career: 1902 - 1918) and a bio of the American Grand Prix winner, Phil Hill: Yankee Champion . Both books are available from Brown Fox Books in Carpinteria, CA.

WOLR: Why do you publish so many of your recent books with small press houses?

WFN: Because the take special pains with each book. With the "big" New York houses, my books tend to get "lost". Small press people treat me very well, and I help them as they help me. Not to say I won't be dealing with larger "mainline" publishers in the future (as I have often done in the past) but, for the moment, I'm happy to work with the small press crowd!

WOLR: Was a script ever done for the unmade Logan's Run film sequel, Logan's World ? Or was any pre-production attempted?

WFN: No, but it's now with Warner Borthers on what could be termed an "option basis" (along with Logan's Search and my novelette Logan's Return ). If their remake of Logan's Run is a big hit, they may do the others. Time will tell.

WOLR: Do you still keep in contact with George Clayton Johnson? Do you know of any plans he has in anticipation for the Logan's Run remake?

WFN: Sure, George and I are still good friends. In fact, we will be sharing two books this year (or next). We both have new (and separate) stories in Poe's Lighthouse , out in 2006 from Cemetery Dance Books - and we have our collaborated teleplay due in Volume 2 of Forgotten Gems from the Twilight Zone (" Dream Flight " - by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson), out soon (in December, I believe) from Bear Manor Media .

WOLR: The picture below appears to be of you and the director, Michael J Anderson, sitting in a mazecar around the Logan's Run set. Is this you and do you remember what this photo was all about?

WFN: No, that's not me. I did have pictures taken on the set in Texas, and in the U.S. Senate set at MGM in California, but I never posed with Anderson. I don't know who's with him in that photo.

WOLR: What ideas did you like best about the movie Logan's Run ? What did you like the least?

WFN: Best is the first half of the film, which is fairly faithful to the novel. I like least the whole bit with the Old Man - no part of which was in the book.

WOLR: Of all your original novels and short story compilations, do you have any personal favorites that you would like to share with your fans?

WFN: Ships in the Night is my finest book. Order it today!

WOLR: We all know that you are an accomplished writer in so many different genres. Do you have a personal favorite genre which you prefer writing in over the others?

WFN: No, I like all the genres I've worked in: science-fiction, horror, mystery, auto-racing, biography, fantasy, show-biz, Western, aviation, technical writing, etc. etc. All fun! All have special challenges. I stay fresh by switching from one genre to another.

WOLR: When you're not writing, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

WFN: I'm a crazed movie fanatic - and unless I can see two movies every week at some local theater, then I go nuts with frustration. I see everything on film!! Always have, since the age of 5, when I staggered down the aisle of the Isis Theater in Kansas City.

WOLR: What is your personal favorite book written by another author?

WFN: The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner. This is the most "daring" novel of the 20th Century in that Faulkner goes farther out on the limb than any other author!

WOLR: What is your all-time favorite movie?

WFN: "The Maltese Falcon" . The only 100% "perfect" film ever made! I've written three books on Hammett.

WOLR: Anything else you would like to add, Mr. Nolan?

WFN: Yes. There will be another new interview with me in an upcoming issue of The Writer , probably six months from now. Be on the look out for it!

WOLR: We sure will, Mr. Nolan. Thank you so much for your time today. And hope to hear from you again, soon!

WFN: You're welcome! Cheers to all Logan fans!!

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